Monday, April 30, 2012

UrDreamPlanner's Monday Inspiration!

Welcome to Monday...the beginning of the work week for many. Monday is a day where the weekend has either been so wonderful or so drag that you just don't want to leave the house to get your Monday started. For this we all need some Monday Inspiration, something that can carry us throughout the day, the week and even the start of a new month!! 

Today I want to inspire you to seek out your purpose in life. Each person was born with a destiny, created to do something special. God gave you passion, a gift that you do with ease. A passion that you truly enjoy doing. Have you found your passion? Have you discovered your purpose in life? Have you asked God, "What should I be doing in life..what is my purpose?" And did you sit and listen for an answer? Find a quiet place and really seek and find what you should be doing in life.

Write down your thoughts in a journal if it helps and start living the life that was meant for you to live. Follow the dream God placed on your heart and make a difference in the world!! 

Be Inspired! 

Talk To Me:
Are you living your purpose? Are you living your dreams or missing out on your life? Do you have any encouraging words/stories to share with the readers that have allowed you to find your purpose in life? Would love to hear your success stories!! Leave a comment below! :-D

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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Wedding Planning: Fun and Savings!!!

Planning a Wedding is truly a lot of fun! You get to learn more about your soon to be hubby & wife, create a memorable day filled with love and it leads to spending a lifetime of happiness together!! When planning you can get caught up on some of the stress factors and when that begins to happen and your happy moments start to become is time to bring the FUN back!

One site I love to visit and use is! Groupon is great for those planning a Wedding! On Groupon you find amazing deals and specials and when I say amazing...I mean some deals and specials are up to 75% or 80% Off!! 

What to expect when visiting Groupon?
  • Featured Deal of the day.
  • All Deals
  • Now! Deals- That you can take advantage of only on that specific day. (Great for a random middle of the day lunch date!!) 
  • Getaways 
  • Goods (Great for finding lingerie, things for the family and more!)
  • Rewards (Yes, Groupon even rewards you for saving!!)
Create a free account, have it sent to your email and download the phone app. There is no way you can miss out on all the fab savings by following those 3 easy steps!

Things you can purchase on Groupon:
  • Dinner for two!
  • Spa Treatments for the morning of/weekend of wedding day!
  • Weekend getaways! (Great for the Bachelor/Bachelorette party!!)
  • Engagement Photography deals!
  • Bridal Party Gifts!
  • All-Inclusive Honeymoon Specials!! (Yes, I have seen amazing specials on full week trips to beautiful locations around the world.)
  • Hair & Makeup
  • And so much more...

You must check it out in your area. Just visit, select your city and begin saving! 

Happy Saturday!!

Talk To Me:
Have you used Groupon for your Wedding Planning needs? Have you used it in other ways? Have the savings been worth the deals you purchased? Share your Groupon experience with the readers!! Look forward to chatting with you! :-D

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

A 2012 Party "Must-Have": The Dessert Buffet!!!

Who doesn't love a great party?? Parties are so much fun!! You have great music, yummy food, unusual dancing, family & friends and most importantly an eye-googly, mouth watering dessert buffet!!! Displaying your dessert spread out along the table on the original platters they came in are long gone.

The creativity of what you can do with a dessert buffet is totally endless!! Desserts are fun enough all by themselves, but when you create a scene that they get to live in and truly get to be featured in; it makes eating them much more exciting. 

How to Create A Dessert Buffet:
  • 1 long table (For the desserts of course! ;-D)
  • Cool or fancy colorful or themed-related table cloth. (This can be rented or you can visit the craft store and find something amazing or just look around your own house!!)
  • Backdrop (Can use fabric, tissue paper balls, wrapping paper, etc..get creative!)
  • An amazing centerpiece!! (A wow factor that will suck in your guests. Usually placed in the center of the table...can be food related.) 
  • Props!! (Bring in props that match the theme and can be space-fillers for areas that need an accent.)
  • Various sized jars, plates, bowls. (Basically anything your desserts can sit on or in..again get creative!)
  • Labels! (This is important because guest like to know what their about to eat.)
  • The Desserts!!! (Pre-cut, easy to pick up kind of desserts! Or "dressed up" utensils to pick up items.)

Dessert Buffet Tips To Remember:  

Place your desserts on your fabulously decorated dessert table and create levels with the various jars. Height allows the eye to move throughout the table and makes those about to dig in, very excited!! 

Don't over stack your dessert plate because you don't want the items to fall over. You want to create clean lines and allow your buffet to appear neat since you already have a big scene going on.

Lastly, keep an eye on the dessert buffet so you can restock throughout the party!

Oh and lastly-lastly, make sure you enjoy the dessert buffet too!!

Have fun! Get creative! 

Talk To Me:
Have you created a Dessert Buffet before? Did you enjoy the process? Did the above help you any? Do you have any advice to share below that can help the other readers, please share!! What's your favorite dessert to see on a dessert buffet?? Let's chat below! :-D 

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Monday, April 23, 2012

UrDreamPlanner's Monday Inspiration!

It's MONDAY!!!!

Time for some much needed weekly inspiration! Not sure what everyone is going through, but sometimes it's great to be reminded that you are talented! It's important that we believe in the talents God has given to us.

It's time to believe in yourself and make it happen!!

Believe in Yourself. Be Inspired.

Talk To Me:
Do you believe in your dreams? Are you living out your dreams? Are you dreaming and not living? Where are you in life...are you happy? Think about that..what steps can you take/have you taken to make your dreams a reality?? Leave a comment below, it may help someone reading! :-D

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Wedding Diets "Do Not" Include Feeding Tubes!!!

Hello! If you noticed there was no Wednesday blog post and well that's because we moved it to Thursday! Hope you don't mind and you do continue to keep reading!! 

Now onto a very, very, very important & serious issue!!! 

"Brides using a feeding tube to lose 20 pounds in 10 days???"
This is NOT okay, at all, never! 

Dear Brides,

Please know that you ARE beautiful. Your fiance is marrying you because he also knows that you ARE beautiful inside and out. Dieting is a tricky road to enter and most times require a plan that is kept up for a long duration (way longer than 10 days). Know that your Wedding Day, which is uber important, special and one of a kind; is one day! Your marriage however; which is the reason for Wedding Day, is meant to last for years and years and years!!! Do not endanger your body to loose weight, get fit or be in the best shape. 

Brides, know that there is a healthier way to look and feel your best on Wedding Day. Create a 3 month plan that involves: eating the 5 food groups and in proportioned sized and an exercise plan that you can do at least 3 days out of the week. Everyone's body is different and needs to have a plan that fits their body type and lifestyle. Do this plan with your Groom and/or Bridal party. Get others involved and make it fun!!

I do hope that you know you ARE beautiful and this "feeding tube diet" is NOT the way to go!

A Concerned Wedding Planner! :-(

P.S. Diets this extreme have harsh side effects. Be Careful!! ;-)


Dear Groom & Supporting Family Members,

Pay attention to your beautiful Bride. Assure her and reassure her that she is beautiful inside and out. If she desires to get more fit for Wedding Day, guide her to a healthy path this will not endanger her life! There are times to mind our business and there are times to be nosey when it comes to family. This is a time to be nosey, ask questions and step in!!! 

Dieting, again is a tricky road to go down. A support team is suggested to keep the Bride motivated and focused. Over dieting, exercising, etc is not healthy. Help your Bride stick to her plan. Offer to run or walk with her...Cook healthy meals together, etc. Most importantly: GET INVOLVED!! This "feeding tube diet" is bound to take a life, let it not be your Bride's life! 

Wedding Planning is stressful and as woman we tend to be way to hard on ourselves when it comes to our image. Let her know she is beautiful. Be nosey..she will thank you for it later! :-)

Your Wedding Planner Friend! :-D

If you haven't heard about the "feeding tube diet" click the following to learn more. 

Talk To Me:
What are your thoughts on this? Are you Pro or Con? Why or Why not? Do you have a dieting experience that you can share?? Was it good or bad? Any advice to share that other readers, bloggers, Brides, Pros etc can benefit from please leave a comment below!! Let's chat about this serious topic!! :-)

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Monday, April 16, 2012

UrDreamPlanner's Monday Inspiration!

Hello Monday!!!

It is Monday my dear blogger readers. I am happy to see another day and looking forward to what this week brings. Today I want to inspire you to "be supportive" of your peers. Jealousy is an evil trait to take on and it's just not healthy! 

I want you you to be supportive by liking a friends status, leaving a comment, retweeting a tweet, sharing a great story, making a purchase from a small business, etc. As a community of bloggers and blog readers you can be supportive by commenting and sharing your fellow bloggers blog's.
Set a goal to comment on a certain amount of blog post a week. Every week change it up and find some new blogs to comment on. Keep the rotation going and check back in on your fellow peers. It can be 3 blogs or 10...set a realistic goal that you can stick too! Being supportive makes that person feel good and makes you feel good too!! 

Don't steal, SHARE!!! 
Give credit where credit is due...if you don't it will bite you hard in the behind and bite's hurt! 

Sharing is caring! 
Be supportive and have a great week!! :-D

Talk To Me:
How supportive of you of your peers? Do you share their work? Does your peers share your work? How does it make you feel? Share any good or bad experiences you have about sharing. Looking forward to chatting with you!! :-D

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

3 Steps to Wedding Planning Fun!!!

Wedding Planning should be FUN! Plain and simple. Yes, planning such an important and special occasion comes with the normal headaches and stress risers however and overall, planning your wedding should have fun involved!

So let's talk about how to have FUN while planning your wedding!

Fun Means: Action or speech that provides amusement or arouses laughter. Fun usually implies laughter or gaiety but may imply merely a lack of serious or ulterior purpose. (Found via:

3 Steps to Wedding Planning Fun:

Step 1: Be honest about your wedding budget and accept it! (Honesty and accepting the budget you can spend is step one because from this point on you know what you can and cannot afford. Being in denial and planning the wedding of your dreams do not go hand in hand. Once you accept your budget you will give yourself a peace of mind and really get to enjoy the fun of planning the wedding of your dreams. Do not by all means compare your wedding to another couples. You two are you, you make a great couple because of who the two of you are. Television is great..I love watching the wedding shows, but your wedding is special and unique because you found your soul mate and get to enjoy happily ever after. When making purchases stick to your budget and I guarantee it will make the process a lot more fun! If you need help figuring out your budget..Hire a Planner (even if just for a 3 or 4 hour consultation to get you on the right track!))

Step 2: Select people to be in your Bridal Party that you actually "LIKE"! ("Like" is the key word here. You can love someone because they are family, but if you don't like them..they will drive you insane!!!! Select people that you can stand to be around..that make you smile..that make you laugh. Select people that know your personality, know how to calm you down, know how to not make you upset. Whether you have a year of planning, 6 months of planning, more or will spend time with the people in your Bridal Party..even if just on wedding day (which is 10+ hours). So if you want to have fun..choose wisely!) 

Step 3: Laugh and make it an adventure! (Laughing is crucial when planning a wedding. Wedding Planning IS stressful, I don't care what anyone tells you. However, Wedding Planning does not have to be a stress factor in your life. You are getting married and this is something to celebrate not cry about. Smile and laugh and joke and have fun. When things go wrong..breathe and just laugh. I am so will make you feel crazy but it will make you feel better and this will make Wedding Day much easier because you have learned to handle the stress of wedding planning by not allowing it to over take you. Then, on Wedding Day if something goes will look at it differently and your reaction will be much better! Don't believe me, email me and I will let you speak to one of my brides! Don't sweat the small stuff..remember why you are getting married and enjoy the process!!)

Follow these 3 steps and you will have a lot more fun planning your dream wedding! If planning your wedding has not been fun, then sit down and rethink what is happening. If you're not having fun, then you need to do something different because it should be fun!

Laugh, Smile and Have FUN!!! :-D

Talk To Me:
Are you planning your wedding? Are you having fun or is it miserable!?! Why or Why Not? Any advice to share with other couples that may be reading? Pros: Any tips to add on how couples can have fun!?! Share below in the comments section!! :-D

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Monday, April 9, 2012

UrDreamPlanner's Monday Inspiration!

It's Monday! Time for us to get inspired and motivated about our future!! When you envision a plan, whether it be big or small you must do something to make it happen. When one door closes another door or window will open and allow for the continuation of your plan!

Today I want to inspire you to Keep It Going! Don't allow doubt, people, objects, etc. to stop you from completing your goal. I know my followers or those reading this may believe in a different God or no God at all or just may believe in Jesus Christ. None the less, the owner of this blog is a God fearing woman and I thank Jesus Christ for being my inspiration and motivation. Knowing that Jesus is there for me and if I rely on Him, my dreams will work out according to His plan for me! That right there is inspiring enough to keep me going! What about you?

Yesterday, I realized that taking the short cut is no longer going to work. Now I wasn't cutting corners to the point of where I wasn't giving it my all, but at the same time I was taking a lot of short cuts. I know now that if I want this to be successful I am going to have to put in the money and more money (LOL) to make this big dream of mine a reality! I had begun to feel defeated last night after I ran into a road block on a project I am working on but I thank God for bringing people into my life that can make the impossible...possible! Now I have to Keep It Going!!!

Be Inspired! Be Motivated! Keep It Going!

Wishing you all a Happy Monday! :-D

Talk To Me:
What inspires you when you hit a road block and feel like giving up? Who do you call on to uplift you? Do you have supportive ppl in you life that can help keep you on track? Share your challenges and how you overcame/ are overcoming them! Share your success stories! Would love to chat with you so leave a comment below! :-D

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Saturday, April 7, 2012

:: Our Decor & Design Journey: Pictures & Videos! #BBDllc ::

This year Beautiful Beyond Dreams, LLC has started to branch more into the decor and design aspect of planning amazing Weddings & Special Events, which we LOVE so much!!! My team & I has had several opportunities to put our decor skills to the test! Check out what my team & I have been up to this year so far as we begin our decor & design journey!!

Our Design Journey has Begun...

"Rustic Romance"

First up, Beautiful Beyond Dreams, LLC was presented with the opportunity to do a Designers Showcase at The Imperia in Somerset, NJ in early February! One of the design themes I pitched was "Rustic Romance"(we did the wine bottles side)! My team & I had a blast setting up at this event. Check out the video to see some snippets of our work, which are displayed within the first few minutes of the video!! :-D

The design concept for this theme came when I started collecting my roommates wine bottles..from there the theme was born!

"Easter Candy Buffet" 

Our next project that we came across was for a candy buffet company. Beautiful Beyond Dreams, LLC loves to do candy buffets. I love the look of them, the themes you can create and more. This candy buffet was one of our first and something that was not the norm, perhaps that's why I loved it so much. It was different and not something you would see at a typical Wedding or Event. So check out this inspiration board and enjoy! Pictures taken by Kareem Taylor!

We didn't get accepted for this project, but I am very happy I had the experience and would really love for all the candy buffets I do to be this detailed!! I really loved creating this candy buffet!! :-D

"20's Fundraising Gala" 

Finally, but definitely not the last design project was for a friend of mine. This young lady is apart of a group called the Junior Women's Club of Haddonfield. I was asked if I could participate by doing some 1920's decor. These ladies wanted simple, but elegant. Just little touches that would really enhance the room!! The ladies reaction to entering the room was awesome, it sure made me smile!! The candles really added to the ambiance and they came all dolled up in their 1920's outfits. The fundraising gala, which benefited The Valerie Fund an organization that helps children with cancer and blood disorders was a big success for them! My team & I was happy to play a small part in it all!! :-D

Since I cannot figure out the embed code, please click the link to check out this video to see just how successful this event was!

 Thank you, I hope you enjoy it!

"Our Journey Continues....w/You!" 

Beautiful Beyond Dreams, LLC loves doing decor & design and my team and I are very excited for all the future projects we will get to take part in! If you have a Wedding, Party, Special Event, Gala, Launch Party etc. coming up and need decor & design assistance: give us a call, 267-702-3037; send us an email, or fill out our "Contact" form!! My team & I will be more than happy to make your upcoming occasion beautiful beyond dreams! ;-)

I hope you all enjoy your weekend!
Have a Happy Easter!

Talk To Me:
What's your favorite decor project? Do you feel decor in important at an event? Share a wedding, party or event you attended that had amazing decor!! Leave a comment below and let's chat!! :-D

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

:: The EPIC Summit :: It was EPIC! ::

One thing I love about being in the wedding industry is the awesome conferences that I get to attend. There are tons to choose from and as a planner it's important I attend the ones that will truly benefit me as a business owner and my business as a whole. Well I truly hit Gold when I attended The EPIC Summit on March 30th at The Elan in Lodi, NJ! 

(Stationary by AART Event Planning)

The EPIC Summit was just amazing! The decor was beautiful. The chairs that we had our first two sessions in were fabulous to look at and even more comfy to sit and roll around in (if only I could of stuffed that in my blue WeddingWire bag and took it home to dream big and plan bigger..LOL), but unfortunately I couldn't. Besides the comfy chairs..the decor was stunning. The evening gala looked amazing!

The sessions at The EPIC Summit inspired me so greatly that I just was overly excited. I learned tons about technology and mobile marketing from Sonny G of WeddingWire. I was given a boost of inspiration that I so needed from Alan Berg. Sometimes you just need a little push and reminder to get up and get going and that's exactly what he did!! If only I had another hour to spend with the amazing Katy Carrier. She is on point and fabulous!!! The panel discussions were wonderful. It was relaxing and we got to interact and man are they hilarious!!! I got to chat with the amazing Jacqueline Nwobu of Munaluchi Bride Magazine..she's super cool! It was the best ever!! I also loved the trade show!!

 (One of the amazing vendors at the trade show "Opulent Ink Collection" Invitations from Yvette of SDezigns Weddings)

The Food!! The catering staff, by the end of the night; was calling me the "peanut girl" lol. Before I ate anything I was like "are there peanuts or any kind of nuts in anything???" Are you sure, because I don't want to die?" they made sure I didn't die!! Thank you Gabriela of No Limit Events, LLC & Anthony at The Elan!! The food was so good and I am still alive. :-D

The Music was on point for the gala. I don't think I danced all night like that in a very long time!! At first it was just me and Teri up there making up our own two Eventually Marni danced with us and before the night ended the super cool MC Ble Hamilton of Events by Amable had all the ladies on the dance floor. We sung with each other and did the soul train, it was fun!!!

L to R: Larissa Parks (Operation Happily Ever After), Katrina McCullum (Made Of Honor Weddings), Me (Beautiful Beyond Dreams, LLC), Teri Taylor (Ready, Set...WOW!), Jasmine Cianflone (This Moment Events)

 Me & Yvette! :-)

 Me & Marni! :-)

 L to R: Ereny Milad (LUSH Artistry), Yvette Sencion (SDezigns, LLC), Aelicia Biziak (AART Event Planning), Me (Beautiful Beyond Dreams, LLC), Rachael Lukas (AART Event Planning)

L to R: Simone Robinson (Lil Tux & Tiaras Event Sitters), Katrina McCullum (Made of Honor Weddings), Me (Beautiful Beyond Dreams, LLC), Teri Taylor (Ready, Set...WOW!)

I also had a mini reunion!! I am a Facebook addict (I admit ;-D) and it was so great to finally put faces to more of my fb friends!! I loved chatting with Yvette, Rachael & Aelicia, Ereny, Teri, LaQuitea, Katrina, Jasmine, Larissa, Ingrid and so many more ppl that I don't get to see everyday! The event was EPIC because I got to hang out and learn and laugh and just be me with so many cool professional colleagues!! :-D

And, I almost forgot..we saw a belly dancer that did a fabulous job!!!

So I had a BLAST at The EPIC Summit!!! I am so looking forward to the next one and congrats to Marni of Card Box Diva & Gabriela of No Limit Events, LLC and all the supporting sponsors that helped make this event EPIC!!! You all ROCK! :-D

Check out these professional pics of The EPIC Summit taken by Hope Spring Photography!

Talk To Me:
Did you attend The EPIC Summit? What was your favorite memory? If you didn't make it, what event are you looking forward to this year?? Share your memories!! Let's get this convo going!! :-D

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Monday, April 2, 2012

UrDreamPlanner's Monday Inspiration!

  This past weekend I attended The EPIC Summit (will blog about that later this week!!). This event truly was EPIC!! I was so inspired by so many things shared by all of the amazing speakers and panelist. During one of my sessions I was told to watch Steve Jobs Commencement Speech, which I hadn't before. So I did!

If you haven't watched this, watch it!  If you have watched this before, watch it again!!

Love this speech because it's so inspiring. Life takes us through so much and through it all you have to push through and do what you love so you can make a difference in this world!

No matter what you go through in life, do what you love!

Talk To Me:
Are you doing what you love? What steps did you take? Share some advice and/or your story below. Share something that inspires and motivates you! Let's chat, I would love to talk with you and learn more about you!! :-D

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