Wednesday, July 18, 2012

UrDreamPlanner's Wednesday Knowledge: Wedding Dress Stats!

Happy #WeddingWednesday to you all!

Today is all about Wedding Dresses and how you, the Bride thinks and shops. The following statistics were found via {The Wedding Report}. As you read, think about your shopping process and if any of these describe how you thought/think while you were/are wedding dress shopping.

Wedding Dress Shopping Statistics
  • 96% of couples that marry in the US purchase a wedding dress
  • Of the 96%; couples purchase 1.1 wedding dresses each
  • Of the 96%; 90% purchase at least one (1) dress
  •  In 2011, the average amount spent on wedding dresses including alterations was $1,166
  • In 2011, couples spent $2.3 billion on wedding dresses
  • In 2011, couples spent $3.3 billion on attire & accessories (including the wedding dress)
  • In 2011, spending by couples combine with bridesmaid and groomsmen reached $6.2 billion
  • The US wedding dress market is very fragmented with many designers and brands
  • David’s Bridal dominates the US wedding dress market with 33-35%
  • The top 10 Designers/Brands own 56.7% of the US wedding dress market
  • Custom or handmade makes up 3% of the US wedding dress market
  • Classic – Traditional and Elegant – Luxurious make up more than 50% of the wedding dress style demand
  • A-line makes up 26.9% of the silhouette & shape demand
  • Lace and Satin dominate the fabric demand
  • Sweetheart and Strapless make up 68.8% of the neck-line demand
  • Floor length makes up 88.5% of  the length demand
  • Natural waste-line makes up 43.3% of the waste-line demand
  • Chapel and Short/Sweep make up 57.7% of  the train demand
  • Zipper and Corset make up 75.1% of the back-line demand
  • Beading, lace, and embroidery make up the majority of the details demand
  • Ivory and White make up 80.1% of the dress color demand
  • “How I felt when I saw it” and “the fit” make up the majority of the reasons couples purchased their dress

Wedding Dress shopping is often one of the highlights of the wedding planning process. There are many factors that play a part in the decision making, from designer to dress style & material. Do your research prior to making a dress appointment at your favorite shop so you do not become overwhelmed with the many choices available to you!

Happy Wedding Dress Shopping!

Talk To Me:
How was your wedding dress shopping experience? Would you say you agree or disagree with most of these stats? Did you know what style of dress you wanted or was it hard to narrow it down? Share any wedding dress shopping advice below in the comment zone for our readers!! 

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