Thursday, May 24, 2012

5 Stress-Free Tips for Planning a Wedding or Event!!!

 Planning a Wedding or Event is so much fun! There are so many fun details. You have food, music, attire, stationery, transportation, decor, guests and so, so, so much more. However, thinking about all the many fun details can give anyone a big stressed out headache.

When planing a beautiful beyond dreams Wedding or Event you want to be sure you follow these 5 stress-free planning tips. These tips are simple to remember and will save you a lifetime of headaches throughout the process!! 

(Don't look like this on Wedding or Event Day! lol)

5 Stress-Free Tips for Planning a Wedding or Event!

#1: Remember Why!
#2: Make it Personal!
#3: Honesty is Healthy!
#4: Don't Invite the Country!
#5: Let It Go and Enjoy!

#1 Remember Why: Remember why you chose to have the Wedding or Event in the first place. Don't get so caught up in the "fancy" of planning that you forget why you are truly celebrating. This always brings you back down and allows you to enjoy and create fun planning memories.

#2 Make It Personal: Making it personal means adding YOU into your Wedding or Event. Allow guests to see your personality shine through. This is one definite way to make your special occasion unique and original. Whether it is customized stickers, drink or a special video, etc. Insert a part of you into your Wedding or Event that your guests can connect with!! **Customization does not always mean expensive, shop around!**

#3 Honesty Is Healthy: Be honest with yourself. If you cannot afford it, if you don't like him/her, if you know in your heart it is not right....DO NOT buy it, include him/her..don't do it! This is simple..happiness comes with honesty. Be honest about your budget and feelings when planning. Don't hold back, but don't be rude and obnoxious either. Just be honest with yourself and others and I guarantee you will feel calm throughout the process.

#4 Don't Invite the Country: Only invite who you actually want to invite. The more people you invite = the more money you will spend. Weddings are more money because that's their nature. However, the same goes for a great event. It costs money and it costs to have 100, 200, 300+ guests. Invite people you love. Take into consideration others feelings when inviting people. Take everything into consideration, don't invite the country and treat others how you want to be treated!

#5 Let It Go and Enjoy: Just let it go and truly enjoy the process! Hire a Wedding Planner or Event Planner if you know you don't handle organization well and really allow yourself to enjoy. On Wedding Day..just simply let it go. The day goes by too fast to breakdown about what wasn't. Same for Event Day..allow yourself to be the guest of honor and not the host/hostess! Dance, Eat, Laugh, Cry (tears of joy), jump in all the pics you can and just have a good time!!! 

--- BONUS TIP ---

Laughter is the best way to turn any stressful situation into a good memory!

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So there you go! I hope today's 5 Stress-Free Tips to follow when planning your Wedding or Event will help you to make your planning process stress-free!

Talk To Me:
Have you implemented any of these tips when planning a special occasion? Was this helpful in any way? Are you planning a Wedding or Event and want to share some stress-free planning tips that have worked for you? Leave a comment below for our readers!! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us and others!! :-D

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