Thursday, August 19, 2010

It Cost How Much! Part 2

Creating the Decor Wedding Look was my favorite! Having such a strong passion for designing, I like to look at things upside down sometimes. Upside down? Yes, I like to look at things and see how I can make it different or create a similar look for less and sometimes that means turning it upside down to figure it out!

The Decor Wedding Look came from a few different angles of inspiration. I love pearls, so that had to be incorporated and I feel that weddings should always have a lot of candles, even more than what I used! The colors of the linens(which I picked first and built the look around it, and the clear glass plates!

My favorite part of this design was taking different size glass pieces from inside my kitchen and putting them together. For this look we purchased the 4 glass plates, a silverware set, & the linens, everything else we own & found in the kitchen!! 
Total cost for the Decor Wedding Look was $14.00

Take a look below to learn about some of the glass pieces we used!

In this centerpiece we have a large china bowl, a glass vase, an upside down cake holder, & 7 dessert bowls

This white & silver set is my family china that has been passed down through many generations, and it still makes a mark!


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Beautiful Beyond Dreams, LLC

Thanks for taking out the time to learn more about how we design!

It Cost How Much! Part 1

Beautiful Beyond Dreams, LLC focuses on the details and wants to create a look that will amaze your guests! No one will ever no how much you saved, because it will look like to spent a million bucks!

To give you an idea of what we can do, and this is just the top of the creative bag; keep reading below to see the first of two different looks and how much we spent! Each look has items that were brought and items that we already owned or found around the house. We like to think out of the box!


The first look we created was the Party Decor Look!

The thought process behind this look was bold colors but blending colors. As a planner I am always pulling from inspiration. This look was inspired by the plates! 

We brought 4 yellow designed plates, a set of silverware, & the linens; everything else we own & found around the house. 
The total cost of the Party Decor Look equaled: $13.50


Shoot Me Chic Photography

Table Top Fashions

Beautiful Beyond Dreams, LLC

Hope you enjoyed!! = )

Friday, August 6, 2010

Mock Decor Sneak-peak!!

Today I had the pleasure of doing a Mock Decor Photo Shoot with Tiffany Lowe of Shoot Me Chic Photography!

It was so much fun creating a wedding decor look & a party decor look. I couldn't resist and just had to give you all a sneak peak of what to expect!!

The colors I Chose!

I chose these specific colors, because I feel that they will look amazing no matter what time of the year!



1st Combination is for the Party Decor Look
Raspberry, Ivory, & Raspberry

2nd Combination is for the Wedding Decor Look
Seamist, Ivory, & Copper

Stay tuned for the big reveal!