Friday, July 20, 2012

UrDreamPlanner's Friday Fun: Attending Bridal Shows!!

Happy Friday!! Bridal Shows are created to be a fun and exciting learning environment for the soon to be husband and wife! Below, you will find several reason why Bridal Shows are fun and why I do believe every couple should attend at least one (and this reason may surprise you, but it's the truth!!)

Attending Bridal Show Are (should be) Fun!

#1. There is amazing food! (One of my highlights of attending in the past was the butlered or stationed hors d'oeuvres! Possibly this is because I love to eat, but they are good!!)

Tragic, but funny story...I attended a Bridal Show roughly two years ago with my first Bride. They had yummy food being butlered and different stations. Well, one tray came around and had some kind of goat cheese cracker surprise and I wanted to try it. So I put the whole thing in my mouth and almost died, threw up, the works. OMGoodness it was so nasty!! My face must of been really twisted because my Bride was like, "oh my goodness, I am not trying that!!!" LOL, Whooo, we laughed at that one for a while!! LOL

#2: You get to see Wedding Gowns! (At most fun Bridal Shows, you get to see wedding gowns actually worn on the models, which I really think is a smart way to highlight the dress. Take advantage of this and ask the model questions about the material on their skin, the heaviness of the dress and take a picture too!!)

#3: The music is great! (Get up and dance a little, bob your head, laugh and smile!!)
Remember, you make this experience what you want it to be. If you walk in like, "Debbie Downer" then you will be depressed and annoyed the entire time. However, if you walk in excited and ready to enjoy yourself, you will!!

 Owner{Me} of Beautiful Beyond Dreams, LLC at the In Bliss Wedding Launch!

#4: You have professionals at your finger tips!! (Actually talk to the professionals. Yes, most are expensive, but that is because we are excellent at what we do! At the same time, we want you to talk to us! This is your time to ask those important or not so important questions. And even though it can be annoying to walk past 4 photographers, still smile and ask at least one question! Just try it!) 

Trust me, we did not get all dressed up, spend hundreds or thousands of dollars decorating a table, printing out marketing materials, assembling goody bags...for you to walk by with a half smile, like we are the hungry wolf that haven't eaten in a month.

As a professional myself, that has been on both sides of the table. Talk to us! We really do want you too, not simply because we want you to book us (which, we do by the way), but because we actually do care about what you have to say. And we want to talk to you too, but most of time, we are stuck behind our little 6 ft table. And although we extend our hand to say hi, you have to extend yours too!

#5: It's free (most of the time) education!! (Professionals bring a ton of wedding information, displayed nicely at their booth and the Bridal Shows tend to provide a lot of information as well. You get heavy goody bags with lots of great vendors and awesome magazines, that ignite your inspirational side! Why not have this information handed to you, rather then search endlessly for hours!? Think about it.)

These five reasons make attending Bridal Shows so much fun!! When I went, I would go with a small crowd and we would work the room and have a great time doing it!! You should do the same, grab your ladies and go!! 

Another thing, don't drag your Groom out the house unless he is really intrigued. Seriously, it will be more beneficial to take your girls, get tons of information, jot down notes (if needed), laugh and take crazy pictures; than come home and share it all with him. Be honest about if you really want him to attend and be a good listener if he really doesn't want to. Compromise and keep it moving, there will be many many more "bridal related" activities to do together! ;-)

***Why Every Couple Should Attend At least One Bridal Show!***
To win a FREE honeymoon of course!!! (Don't worry, I know that's why majority of Brides sign up; I would do it too!) If you don't go for anything else, then go for the free honeymoon. Hey, you never know, you might just win!! 

No matter where you go, Bridal Shows, Bridal Appointments, etc..have fun!!! Make it what you want it to be...enjoy yourself! Laugh...going there, Laugh...while you're there, Laugh...when you leave. No matter what happens, find time to laugh! It will make the experience much more enjoyable! 

Enjoy Your Experience & Laugh!

Talk To Me:
Have you attended a Bridal Show before? Share your experience! What's your favorite thing about attending a Bridal Show?? Do you have a tragic, but funny story too!? Share that in the comment zone too! Share away and leave a smiley face too!! :-)

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