Monday, April 16, 2012

UrDreamPlanner's Monday Inspiration!

Hello Monday!!!

It is Monday my dear blogger readers. I am happy to see another day and looking forward to what this week brings. Today I want to inspire you to "be supportive" of your peers. Jealousy is an evil trait to take on and it's just not healthy! 

I want you you to be supportive by liking a friends status, leaving a comment, retweeting a tweet, sharing a great story, making a purchase from a small business, etc. As a community of bloggers and blog readers you can be supportive by commenting and sharing your fellow bloggers blog's.
Set a goal to comment on a certain amount of blog post a week. Every week change it up and find some new blogs to comment on. Keep the rotation going and check back in on your fellow peers. It can be 3 blogs or 10...set a realistic goal that you can stick too! Being supportive makes that person feel good and makes you feel good too!! 

Don't steal, SHARE!!! 
Give credit where credit is due...if you don't it will bite you hard in the behind and bite's hurt! 

Sharing is caring! 
Be supportive and have a great week!! :-D

Talk To Me:
How supportive of you of your peers? Do you share their work? Does your peers share your work? How does it make you feel? Share any good or bad experiences you have about sharing. Looking forward to chatting with you!! :-D

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