Wednesday, April 4, 2012

:: The EPIC Summit :: It was EPIC! ::

One thing I love about being in the wedding industry is the awesome conferences that I get to attend. There are tons to choose from and as a planner it's important I attend the ones that will truly benefit me as a business owner and my business as a whole. Well I truly hit Gold when I attended The EPIC Summit on March 30th at The Elan in Lodi, NJ! 

(Stationary by AART Event Planning)

The EPIC Summit was just amazing! The decor was beautiful. The chairs that we had our first two sessions in were fabulous to look at and even more comfy to sit and roll around in (if only I could of stuffed that in my blue WeddingWire bag and took it home to dream big and plan bigger..LOL), but unfortunately I couldn't. Besides the comfy chairs..the decor was stunning. The evening gala looked amazing!

The sessions at The EPIC Summit inspired me so greatly that I just was overly excited. I learned tons about technology and mobile marketing from Sonny G of WeddingWire. I was given a boost of inspiration that I so needed from Alan Berg. Sometimes you just need a little push and reminder to get up and get going and that's exactly what he did!! If only I had another hour to spend with the amazing Katy Carrier. She is on point and fabulous!!! The panel discussions were wonderful. It was relaxing and we got to interact and man are they hilarious!!! I got to chat with the amazing Jacqueline Nwobu of Munaluchi Bride Magazine..she's super cool! It was the best ever!! I also loved the trade show!!

 (One of the amazing vendors at the trade show "Opulent Ink Collection" Invitations from Yvette of SDezigns Weddings)

The Food!! The catering staff, by the end of the night; was calling me the "peanut girl" lol. Before I ate anything I was like "are there peanuts or any kind of nuts in anything???" Are you sure, because I don't want to die?" they made sure I didn't die!! Thank you Gabriela of No Limit Events, LLC & Anthony at The Elan!! The food was so good and I am still alive. :-D

The Music was on point for the gala. I don't think I danced all night like that in a very long time!! At first it was just me and Teri up there making up our own two Eventually Marni danced with us and before the night ended the super cool MC Ble Hamilton of Events by Amable had all the ladies on the dance floor. We sung with each other and did the soul train, it was fun!!!

L to R: Larissa Parks (Operation Happily Ever After), Katrina McCullum (Made Of Honor Weddings), Me (Beautiful Beyond Dreams, LLC), Teri Taylor (Ready, Set...WOW!), Jasmine Cianflone (This Moment Events)

 Me & Yvette! :-)

 Me & Marni! :-)

 L to R: Ereny Milad (LUSH Artistry), Yvette Sencion (SDezigns, LLC), Aelicia Biziak (AART Event Planning), Me (Beautiful Beyond Dreams, LLC), Rachael Lukas (AART Event Planning)

L to R: Simone Robinson (Lil Tux & Tiaras Event Sitters), Katrina McCullum (Made of Honor Weddings), Me (Beautiful Beyond Dreams, LLC), Teri Taylor (Ready, Set...WOW!)

I also had a mini reunion!! I am a Facebook addict (I admit ;-D) and it was so great to finally put faces to more of my fb friends!! I loved chatting with Yvette, Rachael & Aelicia, Ereny, Teri, LaQuitea, Katrina, Jasmine, Larissa, Ingrid and so many more ppl that I don't get to see everyday! The event was EPIC because I got to hang out and learn and laugh and just be me with so many cool professional colleagues!! :-D

And, I almost forgot..we saw a belly dancer that did a fabulous job!!!

So I had a BLAST at The EPIC Summit!!! I am so looking forward to the next one and congrats to Marni of Card Box Diva & Gabriela of No Limit Events, LLC and all the supporting sponsors that helped make this event EPIC!!! You all ROCK! :-D

Check out these professional pics of The EPIC Summit taken by Hope Spring Photography!

Talk To Me:
Did you attend The EPIC Summit? What was your favorite memory? If you didn't make it, what event are you looking forward to this year?? Share your memories!! Let's get this convo going!! :-D

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  1. Very nice! You guys look like you had a great time! Having fun and picking up valuable information, a great combination!

    1. Thanks Stacy...I had a blast and I know everyone else did too!! This conference was just wonderful!!! :-D


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