Thursday, April 19, 2012

Wedding Diets "Do Not" Include Feeding Tubes!!!

Hello! If you noticed there was no Wednesday blog post and well that's because we moved it to Thursday! Hope you don't mind and you do continue to keep reading!! 

Now onto a very, very, very important & serious issue!!! 

"Brides using a feeding tube to lose 20 pounds in 10 days???"
This is NOT okay, at all, never! 

Dear Brides,

Please know that you ARE beautiful. Your fiance is marrying you because he also knows that you ARE beautiful inside and out. Dieting is a tricky road to enter and most times require a plan that is kept up for a long duration (way longer than 10 days). Know that your Wedding Day, which is uber important, special and one of a kind; is one day! Your marriage however; which is the reason for Wedding Day, is meant to last for years and years and years!!! Do not endanger your body to loose weight, get fit or be in the best shape. 

Brides, know that there is a healthier way to look and feel your best on Wedding Day. Create a 3 month plan that involves: eating the 5 food groups and in proportioned sized and an exercise plan that you can do at least 3 days out of the week. Everyone's body is different and needs to have a plan that fits their body type and lifestyle. Do this plan with your Groom and/or Bridal party. Get others involved and make it fun!!

I do hope that you know you ARE beautiful and this "feeding tube diet" is NOT the way to go!

A Concerned Wedding Planner! :-(

P.S. Diets this extreme have harsh side effects. Be Careful!! ;-)


Dear Groom & Supporting Family Members,

Pay attention to your beautiful Bride. Assure her and reassure her that she is beautiful inside and out. If she desires to get more fit for Wedding Day, guide her to a healthy path this will not endanger her life! There are times to mind our business and there are times to be nosey when it comes to family. This is a time to be nosey, ask questions and step in!!! 

Dieting, again is a tricky road to go down. A support team is suggested to keep the Bride motivated and focused. Over dieting, exercising, etc is not healthy. Help your Bride stick to her plan. Offer to run or walk with her...Cook healthy meals together, etc. Most importantly: GET INVOLVED!! This "feeding tube diet" is bound to take a life, let it not be your Bride's life! 

Wedding Planning is stressful and as woman we tend to be way to hard on ourselves when it comes to our image. Let her know she is beautiful. Be nosey..she will thank you for it later! :-)

Your Wedding Planner Friend! :-D

If you haven't heard about the "feeding tube diet" click the following to learn more. 

Talk To Me:
What are your thoughts on this? Are you Pro or Con? Why or Why not? Do you have a dieting experience that you can share?? Was it good or bad? Any advice to share that other readers, bloggers, Brides, Pros etc can benefit from please leave a comment below!! Let's chat about this serious topic!! :-)

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