About Brittany!

 Hi, I created several questions so you can get to know me better. After all if your going to be following my blog I feel it's important for you as the reader to become a little more familiar with me! I hope you enjoy reading. :-D

About me:
My name is Brittany. I am 23 years old and a recent graduate of Montclair State University. I enjoy cooking and hanging out! I have a great personality and I love to connect with others. You will always find me laughing at dumb humor. I enjoy most romantic comedies and humor movies. Do not like scary movies at all. Christmas is my favorite holiday; it's just so pretty! I'm allergic to peanuts, chocolate(even though I still eat brownies and oreos), & milk; I carry my epi pen in my purse.

What I do for a living:
I am a professional Wedding and Event Planner and I have a company called, Beautiful Beyond Dreams, LLC. We are based in Philadelphia, Pa and serve NY, NJ, PA & DE! Being able to plan weddings & events is truly a passion of mines. I am living my dream job and am truly happy! I learn something new everyday about being a business owner and owning a business overall and I love the industry. I look forward to the day that my company is bigger than my dreams!

Shhh it's a secret!
When picking my company name I literally sat on the internet for hours and googled my company name with every state to see if someone else had it. I love originality and I wanted my company name to be original. I am happy to say that no one else out there has my company name. Now for the actual (I didn't like my company name at first. I wrote it on everything for about a month until it grew on me.) Once I fell in love with it, it was a

Favorite food:
I absolutely LOVE pasta!! I can literally eat it every day. I also love gummi bears and ice tea. As much as I love to eat I am very picky and tend to waste food. And as much as I love pasta specifically Spaghetti, I am very picky and won't eat everybody's Spaghetti. And YES, there is a huge difference in pastas..I love spaghetti which is a more rounded noodles and this is very different from fettuccine or angle hair, etc. <--(This
 is a

Things I do for fun:
For fun I enjoy going to the movies and eating out. I spend a lot of my time when not planning weddings or events hanging out with my bf and god sister.

What I watch on a regular:
After reading this your going to think i stay at home and watch television all day, but I have TiVo. I enjoy watching so many shows that I'd figure I just put the stations that I like: HGTV, Wetv, TNT, USA, TLC, Food Network, & ABC Family!

Pet peeves:
People who try to bring others down. To succeed one must surround themselves with positive people. It is one thing to be critical and give critical advice and it's another thing to just be down right mean. In my industry there is a very thin line and it is crossed often. Be a person that brings people up, be supportive!!

Words of Advice:
Live your life!! To often we are concerned about what others think about us and how we are living. Inmy book that only person that really matters and the only one that can judge me is GOD. And he sees what I do everyday, no hiding form him. So for the rest, I don't worry. Yes, it's great to impress, but don't become so consumed in impressing that you loose yourself or your vision in the process.

With Lots of Love,