Tuesday, November 30, 2010

HE said Yes!

There's a new trend beginning to pop up and it involves Popping the Question! I've heard about women asking their significant others to marry them and honestly I've thought about doing it myself (Just Thoughts, lol) and while many women seem to think it's a great idea, I don't know if I agree?

Marriage is about a union between a guy and a girl and proposing in the traditional days were left to the guy to take care of. The guys role in introducing the idea of marriage is to first ask the girls parents permission and then romantically ask his one true love to marry him. The element of surprise is what makes the proposal so memorable. Besides are woman really going to start buying their own wedding rings and after he says yes ask him to put it on her finger. He should have the enjoyment of finding the ring that he feels is most complimentary of his love, Right? Right!

It is very clear that when it comes to marriage and planning the wedding tradition is not the number one factor. However, I feel that the surprise of the proposal should be one tradition to be kept the same. WeTV has a new show called "Jilted?" and it's all about the woman giving him the ultimatum: Marry me...or lose me forever! It comes on Sundays at 10/9c 

Honestly, I still have mixed feelings towards the show none the less i am still going to watch it and so should you. I do understand that deep desire to become married to the one you love, yet as much as a dream about the way he will propose {I want HIM to propose, not me!} I mean a girl does dream and I have even thought about proposing to him using the Taco Bell Sauce Packets, since they have one that says, Will You Marry Me? lol.  But it is only a thought, besides I think he will be sad if I took that job away from him. Like I said a girl can And I will dream on until he pops the question!

I want to know what you think:  
Would you propose to your man if you felt he was taking to long? Ladies I want to know how you feel about this! Guys your welcome to comment too.