Monday, February 27, 2012

::Week 4:: Love, History & Heart!

Today is the last week of Love, History & Heart! So let's go out in style and have our own featured awards that you can share with your kids to use for college: Scholarships!

A submission to the Washboard Scholarship Video Contest.

::: LOVE :::

Last week we learned about what love meant. This week I want to you to spread the love by sharing the different scholarships that students can apply to! Below are just two of the many scholarships that are available:


Do you have a love for chocolate and love to be in the kitchen?? If so, this just may be for you!!

Are you smart, do you have a smart kid? Check out this to help with your kids from 1st grade through college!

Are you always thinking of others, being kind and just have a good heart?? This one is just for you!

Here are a few more love scholarships!

::: HISTORY::: 

Black History Month paved the way for all walks of color. The fight for unity was for equality for the minorty. Education is a strong foundation of Black History Month. View the scholarships below to find one that meets your educational needs:


Did you perform extremely well in high school? If so, apply!!

Do you have a strong desire to pursue Journalism?? Learn more about the NABJ Scholarship!

To find more scholarships Click Here!!

::: HEART :::

Did you know there are many scholarships available under the American Heart Association and other organizations. 


Have you or are you overcoming obstacles? Apply for the following:

Click to learn more about the Council Awards Application System prior to applying for a scholarship under the American Heart Association.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Education is important and does not have to be costly. There are thousands and thousands of scholarships available to students of all nationalities, studying all kids of subjects. Do your research and find a scholarship that meets your needs! 

Talk To Me!
Are you or any of your kids applying for scholarships? What is your favorite and least favorite kind of scholarship to apply for: Essay, Contest, Fill In the Blanks, etc? Place your comment below!! :-D

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