Friday, July 13, 2012

UrDreamPlanner's Friday Fun: Cape May Zoo!

This week, I took a day off from business and was able to experience the Cape May Zoo. This was my first time going to a zoo (despite when I was little, which I don't remember so in my mind it doesn't, so this was my first time going to the zoo. It was actually a surprise! And I must say, that if you live close to the shore or don't and want to have an amazing experience, go to the Cape May Zoo!!!

Perks about the Cape May Zoo:
#1. Their animals are amazing!!! I was so excited seeing peacocks, zebras, the giraffes, the bears and so many other beautiful animals...I truly loved every moment of it!
#2. You can take the whole family and there is something for everyone. They have a playground, campground and eating areas.
#3. You can feed the goats and they want you to feed them and pet them. {I did not do this..because I am not a goat person, but others loved}
#4. It Is FREE!!
#5. It's great for a date day. You can take your spouse or significant other and take a walk through the zoo and learn about the animals, as well as, learn something new about each other!
#6. Did I say it was FREE?? Yes, free parking & free entrance! {You cannot go wrong with free!}

 Me at the Zoo!

Don't just take my word for it, but go experience it for yourself! If you live in Philly/De it is so worth the drive up 55 & 47! If you already live near the shore (Cape May, Wildwood area, etc.) pay it a visit, as you are only 20+ minutes away!! Take the family and enjoy the Cape May Zoo this weekend. You will be so happy you did, because the animals are amazing.

Make it a FUN weekend! 

Talk To Me:
Have you been to the Cape May Zoo before? Have you been to a Zoo before? If so, how was your experience? If not, would you go? Share your zoo experiences and desires below in the comment zone!! :-)

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