Wednesday, March 14, 2012

5 Ways "NOT" to be a Bridezilla!!!

Today's post is for the Bride that is planning her wedding and beginning to feel overwhelmed, but does not want to become a Bridezilla. Have you seen the show? Bride's are yelling at their friends, their parents and even their fiance!! Being a Bridezilla happens for one main reason: STRESS!!!

Here's 5 Ways "NOT" to be a Bridezilla:
  • #1) Hire an Experienced Professional Wedding Planner! ;-) {If you know me and know that I know Wedding Planning, then you knew this would be #1 on the list!! Having a Professional Wedding Planner that matches your needs and wants alleviates a lot of wedding planning stress and allows you to have an enjoyable wedding day!}
  • #2) Make a Spa Date! {The Spa is very relaxing..take a Saturday morning with just you and your hunny enjoy a couples spa/brunch date!! You can talk wedding or just talk about life..I will leave the convo choice up to you, but whatever you decide it needs to be relaxing.}
  • #3) Keep a binder! {Whether you have a Wedding Planner or not you should have some kind of check-off list that will keep you in the know and on schedule. Planning a wedding takes a lot of work so this organizational binder will be a stress savor!!}
  • #4) Have a Girls Night Out! {Take all your bridesmaids and have a girls night out! Tonight, no wedding talk is allowed. Take this time to laugh, get dressed up, get to know each other and relax! This is crucial for the ladies because to often I see friendships crash and burn because of the stress of planning a wedding.}
  • #5) Hire an Experienced Professional Wedding Planner!!! {YES! I am inserting this again, because it truly is that important and no longer a luxury but now a necessity to have an amazing planning experience and most importantly a stress free happy wedding day! You, your fiance, friends and family all deserve and want to enjoy the wedding leave the frenzy & stress of wedding day to the pros and truly enjoy!!}

There is no need to be a Bridezilla! Being mean and nasty to those around you that only wish to help you is just not okay. Stress is natural and does come with planning a wedding. However, there are many ways to alleviate that stress like the suggestions above! Take time to relax and truly enjoy the planning process and have a memorable wedding day.

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Talk To Me:
Did you have a Bridezilla moment when planning your Wedding? Fellas, family & friends did she have a Bridezilla moment when planning the Wedding? How was the situation handled? What do you recommend to a Bride planning her wedding now? Share other ways wedding planning stress can be alleviated! Share your story and comments below. Let's chat!! :-D

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