Wednesday, February 15, 2012

"Dear #Brides, Your #Groom has Spoken!!"

I have written this post today to help and guide all my awesome Brides out there planning fabulous weddings! Today is all about what your groom is really trying to say to you. Don't read to fast because this is going to be a short little message!

Dear Brides,
     Congratulations on getting engaged to the man you love. He is the man who completes you and makes everything right in the world. He always listened to your every word and gave advice or maybe he just nodded. Brides, ask yourself these questions: Is my groom into fashion, music, food , etc? What has he always talked about prior to engagement when we were just two love birds getting to know each other? Does he enjoy watching "My Fair Wedding" or would he rather watch football and let you and the girls enjoy all of that? When it's time to go shopping is he the kind of guy that goes with you, gives you the money and says call up your girls, does he surprise you and buy you things? Brides, I want you to think about all these questions and then think about your Groom. The man you love so much that has now asked you to be his wife. I want you to think about your wedding planning process. Are you frustrated by his lack of participation in picking out the colors, desserts, themes, etc..etc..etc? Are you nagging him (yes I said nag because ladies we NAG!) and constantly saying "you never this"..and getting mad when you ask about a color combo and all you get is "idk..pick what you like!". Now Brides..I want you to sit down and close your eyes..find a mellow happy place in your mind and think about the groom your engaged he the same groom that you fell in love with before he was your groom? Is he a give you money and have you go shopping with your girls kind of man..did he constantly surprise you during your relationship??? I say all this Brides, to say that just because your darling fiance has taken the big leap of commitment and asked the question you've been dying to hear..he is still the same man. Brides, I know you have been planning this day in your mind..but learn to listen when your groom speaks. He is not going to change his behavior just because the two of you are saying I Do...and why would you want him to because isn't the man who proposed, the man you fell in LOVE with!? So first and foremost I am so sorry that my short very long letter has gotten so long. Second..learn and listen to your Groom's behavior because he is helping you. He is giving you what you want the only way he knows how. Cut him some slack and enjoy the moment with him. I promise you the moment he does the opposite of what he has always done..the things that you fell in love will send you into a frenzy and you will wish you let him just be him! So again..listen and hear what your groom is saying. Enjoy the planning process and be happy..after all this day is about the love that the two of you have for each other!

UrDreamPlanner ( A caring Wedding Planner)
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