Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Love Bite #8: Gift Giving!

Today's post is day two of (all about Valentine's Day week)! Yesterday was all about romance and today it is about "Gift Giving". Finding the perfect gift can be hard, but sometimes digging a little deep can make it very easy. Below are the top ten gifts for Men & Women!

Love Bite #8: Gift Giving!

Top 10 Gifts for Women:
10. Cuddle Blanket
9. Picture Frames
8. Romantic toys for him
7. Charm Bracelet
6. Lingerie
5. Perfume
4. Jewelry Box
3. Spa Massage Gift Certificate
2. Dance Lessons together
#1: Jewelry a.k.a Engagement Ring or something equally nice if your already married! :-)

Top 10 Gifts for Men:
10. Magazines
9. Dvd's
8. Bar Set
7. Champagne & Truffles for two
6. Grooming Products
5. Cologne-His favorite of course!
4. Gift Accessories-wallet, belt, etc.
3. Handheld Organizer
2. Intimate Bedroom Gifts
#1: A Classy Watch!! :-)

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Finding the right gift for your significant other doesn't have to be hard. If you have no clue what to get your mate the following list above is a great guideline. If the relationship is in the early stages #7 for her and #8 for him is a great category to stay within so you don't send mixed signals. If the relationship is more advanced and long-term #1-#5 is great for either person.

Spend time to find something sentimental is important because the gift should be about the love you have for that person, not how much it costs.

With LOVE,