Monday, August 27, 2012

UrDreamPlanner's Monday Inspiration: A Published "Inspiration Board Book"!

Happy Monday!! 

There is so much excitement taking place at Beautiful Beyond Dreams, LLC due to the publishing of, "5 Steps to Maximizing Your Client's Vision: For Weddings & Events"; a book focusing on Inspiration Boards! 

That' right, you read it correctly! The book has finally been published and made available to you, for you and to be used by you! You = Planners, Designers, Brides and anyone interested in the Wedding & Event Planning Industry!

"5 Steps to Maximizing Your Client's Vision: For Weddings & Events" is a how-to guide to using Inspiration Boards. In the book you will learn step-by-step instructions, tips, and tricks on using Pinterest, Polyvore, PowePoint and the traditional Hands-On

Let's Connect:
Twitter: InspBoardBook

Questions for the Author?

Schedule a workshop or one on one training!

Talk To Me:
Did you purchase your copy already? What makes you eager to learn about Inspiration Boards? Do you use Inspiration Boards as a Planner or Bride? Share in the comment zone below! :-D

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Monday, August 20, 2012

UrDreamPlanner's Monday Inspiration: "No Lazy Monday!"

Today, I officially declare every Monday... 

"No Lazy Monday!"

The more I learn about God and his amazingness I want to share with others. Over these past 6 months I have learned that how you think will affect how you act. With that being said, you can be productive every day and/or lazy everyday if that is what you tell yourself to do.

It's time to take back control of Mondays! The week does not have to start out dragging. Join me in declaring every Monday, "No Lazy Monday!". Start every week on a productive mission to accomplish your weekly goals. Make a mental note that you can accomplish whatever you set your mind to.

Take initiative over your life everyday. Don't allow the funny pictures, slogans and more to determine how you spend your Monday or any other day of the week. Discover your goals and dreams and set out to make them happen, every day of the week. Create a renewed mindset daily, that sets your passion for life on fire!!! Take the stand and declare every Monday for yourself to be a "No Lazy Monday!", but only do it if you really want the change. 
Let's be productive & prosperous every day of the week! 

I Declare every Monday, "No Lazy Monday!"

Talk To Me:
Are you ready to declare Monday, "No Lazy Monday!"? How do you spend your Monday? Is Monday a day of production or dragging? What allows you to stay productive on a Monday? Any additional inspiration or motivational advice; please share below in the comment zone, so our readers can read it!! :-D

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Friday, August 17, 2012

UrDreamPlanner's Friday Fun: New Intern - Meet Se'mona!

Beautiful Beyond Dreams, LLC offers a UrDreamPlanner Internship Program for upcoming planners seeking real life planning experience and education, that will lead them into a successful career of possibly owning their own business one day. 

Finding a great intern is tough business! As a business owner, you want someone that is creative, fresh, eager to learn, not afraid to make mistakes and apply constructive criticism. I look for someone that is trustworthy, honest, respectful and has a passion for planning. 

I was blessed to have found an intern that found me! This woman has a true passion for learning the business and I know she is going to go very far.

Meet Se'mona Williams!

Hello friends! I am Se'mona, but you can call me  "Se' ". 

I am 26 and newly married. I am a graduate of  Montclair University where I graduated with a B. A in Public Relations. I've been a spoken word artist for 11 years and plan to publish my first book very soon. I come from a family of event planners and look forward to finally stepping into the business for myself. 

I enjoy being creative and expressing my point of view artistically. My  attention to detail, creativity, and undeniable style guarantee beautiful execution of every client’s vision. I'm so ecstatic to be a part of the Beautiful Beyond Dreams family and can't wait to make your dreams come true! 

Se'mona Williams with husband Caleb Williams

Beautiful Beyond Dreams, LLC is very happy to have Se'Mona on our growing team; we are excited for her journey with us! :-D

Welcome Se'mona! 

Talk To Me:
Have any advice for our newest intern, leave some advice for her in the comment zone. Share your intern experience below as well. Join me in welcoming Se'mona to the Beautiful Beyond Dreams family by leaving a comment below, saying hello! :-)

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

UrDreamPlanner's Wednesday Knowledge: Personalize your Wedding or Event!

Personalization is what makes a Wedding & Event stand out and be different! When I think of the ways to personalize a special occasion, so many ideas come to mind. However, there is 1 simple way to personalize your Wedding or Event. 

Put Your Name On It!

Adding your name on any aspect of your Wedding or Event will automatically personalize it and make it unique to your special occasion. 

Use a special font that fits in with your theme and to help set the tone! 

Make It Personal!

Talk To Me:
Do you like personalization? In what ways did you/will you personalize your Wedding or Event? Do you prefer custom personalized items vs. traditional? Share your experience of working with personalizing your Wedding or Event in the comment zone below! :-)

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Monday, August 13, 2012

UrDreamPlanner's Monday Inspiration: Sing a Song!

Happy Monday!! 

I feel so inspired to take this week by the horns and ride it on out until next Monday!!! Who else is with me?? If you are wondering why I feel so inspired, it is because I have this amazing song in my heart and every time I get discouraged or just as I'm ridding down the road, this song comes to mind and I start singing! This song allows me to look at life with refreshed eyes!

Israel Houghton - I Will Search

This song has inspired me to embrace the many changes in my life. I asked God: "Am I scared and not ready or am I scared because I am ready??" Well, I am not going to tell you what he shared with me, but I do have a conclusion and I feel at peace about it! I love this song, "I Will Search", because the words speak truth for me, the beat pumps me up and just makes me smile as I sing it!! I love it, I truly LOVE it!!! 

Find a song that can inspire you to make a difference in your life and sing it until you find another song that inspires you in a different way!

Sing Out Loud!

Talk To Me:
Do you have a song that inspires you? What do you sing to get you motivated about your life journey? What style of music gets you inspired? Share you life song with our readers and let's inspire each other! Use our comment zone below to share your song! 

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Friday, August 10, 2012

UrDreamPlanner's Friday Fun: Play Board Games!

Today, on the East Coast, it's raining cats and dogs!! Rain for most means staying indoors, finding a blanket and your favorite movie, and laying on the couch with your family. Just in case you are not in the mood for laying around and being comfy all day/weekend; play board games!

Board Games:
Chutes & Ladders

Do these board games bring back memories for you? They do for me! Monopoly was my favorite board game to play; although I only finished it completely one time and won without having to quit because I went bankrupt..LOL! I always ended up in jail and had to try to roll doubles, never landed in Free Parking and I always tried to buy up the pink, red, yellow & dark blue properties; and stack them with red hotels and green I always picked the car! Such fun memories while writing this post!! What was your favorite board game to play?

When the weather is sour, like it is on today, pull out the board games. Pop some pop corn, order a pizza or two, gather the family and sit on the floor or at the kitchen table and play! Not only does rainy weather wash your car, but it gives you the opportunity to bond with your family & friends. You get to learn more about each others personalities, enjoy each others laughter and you give your televison a rest. 

So reach high up into your closet or take a trip into the basement and spread out the games. Allow each person to have a chance to pick a game that everyone will play, even if that means playing a game twice! Don't let the rain spoil your day! Have some fun and play some board games. ;-)

Play for Fun! 

Talk To Me:
Did you play board games as a child. Do you have a favorite board game; what is it? What is your best memory of playing board games; share below! What else besides play games do you do for indoor fun when it's rainy outside? Share your thoughts and experiences below in the comment zone! :-D

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

UrDreamPlanner's Wednesday Knowledge: Custom Stationery!

When planning any type of celebration (Wedding, Event, Milestone, etc.), the stationery that is sent out will sent the tone for your upcoming celebration. Your stationery is the first impression of what your guests can expect for your wedding, event or milestone celebration. Through research you will discover that there are many different ways you can have your stationery created. Let's focus on "Custom Stationery"!  

Custom Stationery, is stationery that is more than often created from scratch, it will reflect the color or theme of your wedding, event or milestone, but more importantly; it will be a one of a kind design specifically made for you and your upcoming celebration!

I love anything custom, but truly love custom stationery!! Check out two of my favorite stationery designers both based in New York and both specializing in bringing you a one of a kind custom look!! 

{{{ Jacfred Creations }}}

In business since 2009, Jacinta Frederick's mission is to provide the best! Jacfred Creations make beautiful Handcrafted custom Greeting cards and Invitations.

 Learn more about Jacfred Creations by visiting their website, liking them on Facebook & following them on Twitter

{{{ Sage & Time Designs }}}

Sage & Time Designs creates handcrafted and custom stationery; designed by M. Shannon Hernandez. Products are created in Brooklyn, NY, and can be shipped directly to you. 

Learn more about Sage & Time Designs by visiting their website, liking them on Facebook, and following them on Twitter!

Both of these New Yorkers are amazingly talented and will be able to customize your upcoming wedding, event or milestone celebration. Stationery speaks for itself, don't allow it to say bad things about what you are planning! 

Be You, through Custom Stationery!

Talk To Me:
Do you like custom stationery? Have you used it before for a wedding or event? Do you agree that stationery sets the tone for your upcoming celebration? Why or Why not? How so? Share your experience of using custom stationery. Leave your thoughts in the comment zone below...let's chat! 

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Monday, August 6, 2012

UrDreamPlanner's Monday Inspiration: Walk Glamorous!

Walk glamorous in these beauties!

(Pour La Victoire Bridal and Evening Giada Ivory Satin)


Walk the Aisle in Style!  

Talk To Me:
Does this shoe speak to you? What style of shoe inspires your inner glamour?? What style of shoe (did you/will you) wear on your Wedding Day? Share your thoughts below in the comment zone! :-)

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Friday, August 3, 2012

UrDreamPlanner's Friday Fun: Meet "UrDreamPlanner"!

Welcome to UrDreamPlanner's Blog, the blog of Beautiful Beyond Dreams, LLC! If you have been a follower of this blog then you are use to seeing me sign with UrDreamPlanner and use to seeing the title say, UrDreamPlanner's Blog. If you follow my business, Beautiful Beyond Dreams, LLC then you know my twitter is called, @UrDreamPlanner

Recently, I had a few ask and I am sure many many others who wonder, "Who is UrDreamPlanner?" and for those who actually asked, I replied, "Oh, she is my, "Alter Planner Ego"! :-D". That is when it struck me, although people associate UrDreamPlanner to Brittan Allen (that would be ME)...they are still slightly confused with how she fits in with Beautiful Beyond Dreams, LLC. And well, confusion is never a good thing. So with all that being said, it's time to meet UrDreamPlanner!!

Meet "UrDreamPlanner"

UrDreamPlanner created by Street Side Heroes
Beautiful Beyond Dreams, LLC logo created by

Full Name: Brittany Jenia-UrDreamPlanner Allen
Birthday: November 12, 1987
Belief: I believe & live for Jesus Christ daily!!
Favorite Food: Spaghetti
Favorite Color: Pink & Purple, all things sparkly!
Favorite Accessory to wear: Pearls & Heels! 
Favorite Wedding Trend: Any and everything Vintage Lace! 
Favorite Wedding Show: "My Fair Wedding" hands down. (The pirate wedding is one of my fav episodes!!!)
Job: Full time Owner & Executive Planner of Beautiful Beyond Dreams, LLC
Hobbies: Watching wedding shows, engaging in Fb & other social media biz groups, blogging, attending networking & educational events, and creating Inspiration Boards!
Biggest Accomplishment: Being published in a book, which is soon to come! WhoooHooo!!
Fun Quirk: I love using smileys & lol!! :-D
A Few Facts: UrDreamPlanner the face of "part of" Beautiful Beyond Dreams, LLC social media. She is fun loving, smiles daily and is taking the world by storm! Although, Brittany Allen is the person creating it all, UrDreamPlanner is what is signed on the blog, inspiration boards and more!

So basically, UrDreamPlanner is my signature. She doesn't replace, "Brittany Allen" because she is ME. I hope you enjoyed getting to know a little more about her. Be prepared to see a whole lot more of her! Thank you for taking time to meet her. xoxo :-)

Do you have an alternate ego that needs a face, contact Street Side Heroes

Make Your Mark On The World!

Talk To Me:
Is this your first time meeting, "UrDreamPlanner"? What do you think? Do you sign your work with a different name besides your own, why or why not? Share your thoughts below in the comment zone! :-)

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

UrDreamPlanner's Wednesday Knowledge: 3 "Must-Have Meals" on Wedding Day!

3 "Must-Have Meals" on Wedding Day!

It's Wedding Day and your excitement it so great or your nerves are so strong, that eating is not at the forefront of your mind. However, it is still important that you eat three meals on Wedding Day.

Meal #1: A Relaxed Breakfast!
(Hit all the food groups in this meal. Don't eat a heavy breakfast, but make sure you eat a complete meal. During this time, you are the most relaxed in the sense you are just waking up and no prep has begun. Enjoy this down time and enjoy a nice breakfast, alone or with your girls!)

Meal #2: Snack To Go!
(By this time, you are in full blown Wedding Prep! None the less, your next "real" meal is not until the sun is setting and therefore you need a snack. Eat some graham crackers, cheese crackers, gold fish, pretzels, etc. Eat a snack with a little substance but something that is still light. It is important to feed your body through out the course of the day. Be sure to drink water with this snack. Staying hydrated is very important on wedding day.)

Meal #3: Sit Down Dinner!
(At this point you are married!! Congratulations!!! Now, sit down and eat dinner! I promise, although it may not seem like it, your guest want you to eat as well! If you eat when they eat, you will have time to eat. The night does go by quickly, none the less, you paid $100 (more or less) each for your plates, so my dear Bride & Groom, enjoy it!)

Bonus Meal #4: The Midnight Feast!
(If for some reason, you didn't or did eat, you can still ask your venue if there are any extra meals left over. Majority of venues do have something left over, because all your guests didn't attend. Ask to take these extra meal portions with you and enjoy a midnight feast! Again, you did pay for all these meals, so why not enjoy them!!)

Wedding day happens quickly...don't get so lost in all the excitement that, you don't eat. Be healthy and have a memorable wedding day!

Happy Meal Time!

Talk To Me:
What is your wedding day meal plan? Do you have one? Married already!? Did you eat on your wedding day? Most couples eat breakfast, but did you eat at your reception? Share your wedding day eating experience and any advice that you feel would benefit the readers!! Leave your comments below in the comment zone. :-)

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