Friday, October 14, 2011

Part 1: "5 Signs You Are Netwatching!"

Today I will begin the three part series on the subject of:
Are You "Networking" or Netwatching"?? <-- Click to read more..) 

Part 1 begins with netwatching. Netwatching is what I described as, "watching others network". Netwatching is normally not something done on purpose, but tends to be how most people start out when they begin to explore the area of networking.

5 Signs You Are Netwatching:
  • #1. You are not attending any networking events.
  • #2. When you attend you don't talk to hardly anyone.
  • #3. You don't bring business cards to hand out.
  • #4. You wait for others to acknowledge you.
  • #5. You leave networking events early.

If after reading these five signs, you feel that they were describing you; then you are netwatching and NOT networking. You're getting all dressed up and no one is noticing your awesome accessories or nice hair cut. Bummer. Networking is about stepping out and being remembered. If you are serious about your business and want to see it blossom and expand then stop netwatching. 

Okay, so you know you're a what?!? What is the next step that needs to be taken?? It's "easy" need to begin networking! Easy, I really like that word because often times when it is used, it's used in an area that is not very easy to most. Networking can be "easy", yet it takes the right characteristics to make a great impression! 

Don't know how to do "easy" networking? Then tune in for the rest of the series, which is continuing on Monday to learn what networking is all about and how to become a confident networker!!

Before you go read one of my netwatching experiences. (Yup, I admit that I use to netwatch..Guilty!)

...It was a June 2009 networking event and I was going solo ( I drove roughly 30 minutes talking to myself about how I will be confident as I walk in. So I arrived in my business attire and lucky me the weather wasn't the greatest (so my hair began getting frizzy). There went half the confidence that I gave myself in the (all over my hair!! smh) So I go in and I get my name tag and all this information. I walk into the room and I know not one person. So I smile and nod my head here and there from afar. As I walk from booth to booth I come across a cake booth and two young ladies asked me for my business card after a few minutes of conversation. (I was sooooo So of course I am like yes, that would be great. As I struggled for almost five minutes to get my plain--white--one sided--basic business cards (remember your business card is a representation of your business, so if your business isn't plain and boring then your business card shouldn't be either--make the needed investment from the start!). While searching for my business cards (dropping the papers I had in my hand) I eventually took theirs and handed them mines and don't you know a pen busted in my purse and got all over my already plain business cards o_O...I didn't notice until they brought it up which was even more embarrassing!! I couldn't wait to get out of story is almost over...I then continued to walk around and I saw another group talking about blogging (which at that time I blogged all the so I figured I would jump in the convo...didn't happen!! I think they were offended that I tried to give my input. Or maybe I had extreme newbie written on my face ;-)..who Needless to say I left early and more scared of networking then when I had arrived. Luckily I didn't stop there. I will share more successful stories later in the series. ;-)

Netwatching is a phase of networking that many go through. It isn't a negative thing. When you notice that you are doing it, it's UBER important to make the changes to start networking!

Until next time..Share a story of a netwatching experience that you had!!