Wednesday, June 20, 2012

UrDreamPlanner's Wednesday Knowledge: Sage & Time Designs!

Today, on the UrDreamPlanner blog, we bring you some knowledge from the amazing Mary Shannon Hernandez of Sage & Time Designs. Enjoy! :-D

Set the Tone of Your Event with Stylized Stationery

It’s time to ditch drab stationery, once and for all!  Event stationery should be eye-catching, unique to YOUR event, and set the tone for your guests.

Consider this custom-made blinged out baby carriage invitation.  Upon opening this piece of mail, what message is conveyed automatically, to you as a guest?  If you are thinking, the person who sent this to you loves sparkle, and bling, is proud to announce their baby girl to the world, and might be a little obsessed with all shades purple, you are right!

Not all custom stationery has to be sealed in the confines of an envelope.  This is one of the great aspects of working with a custom designer.  If you would like to be a little more edgy and non-traditional, or make a bold statement, how about using a box mailer?  This invitation was designed with one purpose in mind--it’s party time!  For this design, we used pink and green polka dots to convey the festive atmosphere for this newly engaged couples’ outdoor BBQ party. Coordinating polka-dot ribbon and pink raffia shreds covered the invite so it really felt like guests were opening a present when they received their invitation in a box.

This wedding invitations oozes elegance, royal, and sophistication.  Sage & Time Designs worked closely with this client to incorporate precise detail into the design.  From the single feather, to the rich hues of gold, deep purple, and teal, right up to the hand-lined envelopes, this invitation suite conveyed the wedding tone from the very beginning.

M. Shannon Hernandez, owner and designer of Sage & Time Designs, is a stationery designer in Brooklyn, New York.  She works closely with clients and event planners across the world to design handcrafted and custom stationery for their personal and social lives.  All products are handcrafted and designed specifically for each client, ensuring truly unique and customized products which help set the tone for the important events in our lives.  You can learn more about Shannon on the Sage & Time Designs blog, on Facebook at Sage & Time Designs, and Twitter @SageTimeDesigns.

Thank you Shannon for being a guest blogger today!  

Talk To Me: 
Are you planning or have you planned a special event? Did/Is your stationery set/setting the tone for your event? How important is stationery to you? What's your favorite stationery item?? Share your thoughts below in the comment zone! :-)

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