Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Wedding Planner & The On-Site Coordinator--"Two Are Better Than One!"

Often times I read great blog posts, articles, statuses(on FB), tweets & more. Recently within the past week I've seen a surplus of comments related to "not needing a Wedding Planner because you have an On-Site Coordinator". This statement boggles my mind because it is a misleading thought that can ruin a Wedding Day!

This post is not to bash in any way, but to educate and inform! Don't get offended.
Let's begin...

As a Wedding Planner, I find that it is important to have a good relationship with the On-Site Coordinator at any venue. The On-Site Coordinator is great because he or she knows the ins & outs of it's own venue. The On-Site Coordinator has a list of preferred vendors that are associated with it's venue that will provide you with an amazing service to assure your wedding day goes smoothly. The On-Site Coordinator & The Wedding Planner should have a sound relationship because as a Wedding Planner you are stepping into their house. The rule that ALL Wedding Planner's should follow is to ALWAYS RESPECT the On-Site Coordinator's house (meaning the venue)!! The On-Site Coordinator is there to meet the Bride & Grooms needs while at the venue. The On-Site Coordinator tends to not be as involved in the planning process outside of the general wedding planning searching needs.

"I'm not a wedding planner but an onsite coordinator and caterer seems very impersonal..somebody who is providing a service but no feeling behind it...A coordinator really just organize the ppl and order of service but what about floral arrangements, various venue options, etc.. They are only there to advertise their employer not assist in the desires of the couple..#my opinion" -Jugga (Beautiful Beyond Dreams, LLC FB Fan!)

The Wedding Planner is the "Genie" of Wedding Planning! It is thee Wedding Planner that is truly there from beginning to end. Most Wedding Planner's will educate you, laugh with you, disagree to agree with you, cry with you, break-up family arguments with you, guide you, budget you so you have a life after the wedding day, fight for you (being your voice to make it happen) and so so much more! The Wedding Planner brings a personal touch that wakes up and greets you the morning of your wedding and stays with you all day until the car is all packed and everyone has driven off. Then the Wedding Planner will even return rentals for you while you are away on your honeymoon. Once you return the Wedding Planner is still there to assist you with sending out thank you letters, doing the name change process & more!

The Wedding Planner & On-Site Coordinator are both essential and crucially important to a successful Wedding Day. One without the other just doesn't make sense (this is mainly for a full service venue or a venue that does have an On-Site Coordinator...All other venue types without one is not related to this comment).  Together the Wedding Planner & On-Site Coordinator will work together to assure that each guests finds it's correct table, the bridal party are where they need to be when it is time for introductions, your cake topper is packed away safely so you can enjoy it on your 1yr Anniversary & more! The relationship between the two, again; is crucial. None the less...The On-Site Coordinator does NOT replace the Wedding Planner. 

"Why choose a Wedding Planner over a Onsite Coordinator? The answer is so easy…… A Wedding Planner is a mediator, consultant, sounding board, organizer, an artisan and a financial advisor all rolled into one package. When nerves are frazzled, they may even turn out to be a punching bag, “figuratively speaking.” A wedding planner can work with you from your initial engagement to the honeymoon departure. A Wedding Planner is there to guide you through the rough waves of wedding planning." -Justin S. Brown (CEO/President of Creations By Brown)

Many times the Wedding Planner becomes the On-Site Coordinator for the venues that do not have one. Mainly non-traditional locations (parks, community centers, FOP halls, etc). Therefore to replace your Wedding Planner with the On-Site Coordinator again, just doesn't make sense. If you cannot afford a full service Wedding Planner then bring some relaxation to the busy of planning a Wedding & hire a Month Of Coordinator, which most will provide their services 6 to 8 weeks prior to the Wedding Day. This provides you the ease of knowing the day you have been dreaming of for however long will be beautiful! Your Month of Coordinator will be able to bring your On-Site Coordinator up to date on anything that needs to be known. The Wedding Planner is the middle man, the go-to man, THEE MAN or WOMAN that makes your dream wedding a reality and keeps ALL vendors in the loop!

Dear On-Site Coordinators,

         Wedding Planner's do you respect you and understand that you are the head of your house. It is offensive when you inform clients that book your venues that they do not need a Wedding Planner because they have you! You are indeed misinforming them and potentially causing them undesired Pre-Wedding Day, Wedding Day and Post-Wedding Day stress. In the Wedding Industry it has been taught that planning a Wedding involves a team of vendors, one of those being The Wedding Planner. The Wedding Planner is here to help all vendors have a successful Wedding Day by making sure everyone stays on time, hence the very detailed timelines that are often produced and emailed out! The Wedding Planner wants to work with you and work together to assure a happy Bride, Groom, Parents & Guests. Working together is the main goal!

The Wedding Planner


Dear Brides & Grooms,

        Planning a Wedding is fun, exciting, life-changing, time-consuming, at times stressful, emotional and all around magical. The Wedding Planner & On-Site Coordinator wants to both provide you with a memorable Wedding Day. Do remember that the On-Site Coordinator is the coordinator for the venue, he or she will not be able to be by your side during the whole process. The Wedding Planner is there to guide you from beginning to end no matter the location. He or She will be there months before the Wedding and months after the Wedding! Always do your research and remember to hire a Wedding Planner, as he or she will work together with your On-Site Coordinator!

The Wedding Planner

Planning a Wedding is absolutely amazing, but a lot of work! Don't get stuck in the stress of planning because you chose NOT to hire a Wedding Planner. Think about it! 

Do you have any success stories that you would like to share about your On-Site Coordinator & Wedding Planner?? Post your stories below in the comments section!! 

"Sharing is caring and it really is fun!" :-)


Friday, October 21, 2011

It's Friday...Let's Have A Cocktail!!

Happy #FollowFriday my dear bloggers!! Today is Friday and after discussing networking for the past week or so I think enjoying a nice yummy cocktail will be a good way to end our week off right!!

What better way to enjoy a delicious cocktail, then to join Cocktails & Conversations tonight on twitter for a party! Yup, I said we're going to party tonight!! What's great about this party is that ALL are truly invited!! Single ladies, married ladies, over age 18 ladies can all join in! Find a warm spot on the couch, bed or your favorite chair and make a fun cocktail (virgin or strong). The @CocktailsnConvo party is kicking off at 8:00 pm est. Be sure to use hashtag (#CnCParty) so you can keep up with the convo!!

The Diva's: Event Diva & Style Diva will be chatting with all you awesome ladies about networking, recipe sharing and more! So make sure you follow them on twitter --> @CocktailsnConvo and chat with the Diva's tonight at 8pm est using (#CnCParty) hashtag!! Since we love social media so much, don't stop there..make sure you like them on FB-->Cocktails and Conversations & follow their Blog:--> as well!!

Also every Saturday at 8:00AM these Diva's bring to you an awesome blog talk radio show. This Saturday it is featuring @meetjuliet <-- Follow her on twitter too! will be discussing saying "ByeBye to Bad Relationships Revolution! This is one convo you don't want to miss!

Enjoy this beautiful Friday and hope to see you at the #CnCParty tonight on twitter!!


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Part 3: Network with Confidence!!

Over the past week we have been discussing "networking vs. netwatching" & the "signs of being a netwatcher". We discussed the different "types of networking event styles" and what to do at these particular events. 

Whether you are in the netwatching phase or a blooming networker it must be done with confidence. Wondering how you can be a confident netwatcher?? --> If you're in the netwatching phase and you begin to have confidence within yourself it will allow you to move up and out and continue on your journey to become a successful networker!!

Today I want to discuss how to network with confidence, by describing a networking technique I like to call...


Learning how to maneuver a room at any kind of networking event, whether educational or social is very important. You do not want to become bound in one area and miss out on creating new relationships. So follow these 10 simple rules and you will be awesome at maneuvering no matter the occasion.
So let's maneuver...

#1. Enter with confidence, (enter with a smile!)...
                                                                                                     #2. Find a familiar face and strike up a convo. (not required..this is just what I do.)...     

                                                          #3. Walk to grab a drink or bite to eat and engage with another person doing the same...laugh, find something great to talk about!...

                                                                                                                #4. Find a table, sit and enjoy your food..a table that has someone at it...discuss something...

....By now you have circulated the've seen a familiar face which has already boosted your confidence and made you more comfortable. Don't stay with that person too long as you want to meet others. People love to talk over food & drinks so creating small talk over food is like an ice-breaker. (Talk about the food if you can't think of anything else.) By step three you have began to settle into your self. So finding a table that already has people will be a good idea because you want to keep the flow going..don't isolate yourself! When sitting at a table and engaging your able to now 1. Eat, 2. Find your business cards and 3. Make a new friend. (because when people are sitting at a table they are kind of forced to talk to each other for at least a few minutes, which in return can end up in a great convo!)...

#5. Continue to mingle, grab another drink, introduce yourself with a hand shake & smile...
                                                                              #6. Find a semi-full table and jump in the conversation...
                                                    #7. Be a conversation starter by asking questions and being excited about the other Pros!...

#8. KEEP IT POSITIVE, talk about social media: twitter, facebook, etc...

                                                                                                                        #9. Say hello to the person/company that put on this great event!...
                                                                                         #10. Don't leave without saying bye! Walk out with someone that you met keeping the conversation going all the way to the parking lot!

If a connection was made, reconnect after the event! Remember that a networking event is a room full of wedding/event industry related pros that want to sell you their services after the event is over! We all want to be of assistance to another pro as long as it's a good fit! Remember to stand out and to continuously attend local events. Become a face people remember when they walk into a room.

What's great about networking is that it doesn't have to happen only in person. Network via social media, via webinars, skype, oovoo, etc. Technology has advanced so greatly that there is truly no reason to not make any connections. Expose yourself to all that is available!

Share a tip! How do you "Maneuver-The-Room"??


Monday, October 17, 2011

Part 2: Let's Discuss Networking Styles!

Networking is crucial to any business that desires to grow and expand! FACT. 

Last week we started discussing Are You "Networking!!" or "Netwatching??" it was the intro to a 3 part series! This past Friday we discussed {Part 1: 5 Signs You Are Netwatching!}. If you missed either of these discussions then read those prior to continuing.

Networking comes in many styles. You have Target-Market Based networking events, One-on-One meetings and Casual Networking events. Because networking can be applied to any of these I will be giving examples of all! Today's post is all about the different styles of networking events & what to do at the networking events. To begin let's start with target-market based networking events. 

(Sadly I wasn't at this one..)

Target-Market Based networking events for me fall in the category of Bridal Shows, Industry educational related events, etc. At these type of events your goal is to make your business known, discretely. I say discretely because you want to say hello, without screaming it..if you get my drift. You are attending on the basis of learning, but also to meet & greet new businesses that can help your business grow. At these kind of events you should dress professionally. A nice button down top w/business jacket/blazer, a pin-striped skirt and 3 inch heels (black preferably!) You should look classy & fit-in. <--- I technically don't follow this rule, however for those that like rules this is the typical industry look. I like to be a little bolder and stand out. So you will find me wearing bold colors, especially when it comes to my shoes! Be prepared to hand out a business card if it comes up in a conversation. When cards are given out (especially at educational based networking events) it happens at the end of the event. So don't walk in throwing cards at people..get the education, socialize and distribute then! Sometimes networking means being at the event and learning and socializing. Not necessarily saying this is who I am, utilize my services. This is the start of a network connection.

(Meetings can take place at Panera Bread, Starbucks, Olive Garden etc!!)

One-on-One meetings are great and are usually formed after attending an educational networking event, bridal show, etc. This is the next step to continue a connection made. This is your opportunity to create a long-lasting relationship or just a social media based relationship. Networking is great, and one-on-one meetings are crucial because it allows you to know if you want to actually work with this new connection. 

"You won't work with everyone, some are just nice to chat with on social media." -UrDreamPlanner

I love One-on-One meetings because you learn a person's personality, goals, desires, etc and see if they match up with what your trying to present to your clientele. When at a large target-market based networking event you don't get to know the person, you just see the surface. Therefore having this personal one-on-one meeting can give you a feel for your next move. I have had good & bad one-on-one meetings. Some meetings have created long-lasting relationships, while others are some of my coolest social media friends!! {{Now being a social media friend is NOT a bad thing! My main social media friends are those that don't live within 150 miles of me. These are friends that I only see on fb, twitter, blogger etc unless we both attend a national or regional networking event. I usually do not work with these people not because they are not amazing(because ALL my friends are amazing :-)), but because at the moment I don't have a clientele in their specific area. Having social media friends is equally important as local colleagues because you never know where your next client may come from and it's great to have connections all over the world!}} Be yourself when attending one-on-one meetings, dress professional during these meetings as well, every impression makes a difference! This is your time to shine and show who you are and how you can help the other business!  

::Awesome Tip::
If you're the one setting up the meeting be prepared to treat the other person (& yourself, no one likes to eat alone) to some Food!! It's a kind gesture that goes a long way. :-)

Lastly, and one of my favorites are Casual Networking events! Casual Networking events are awesome!! When attending these networking events you tend to be more comfortable. I find that when I attend these it is because I am apart of the organization, I am attending with someone else, and I am just comfortable at going out there and talking with random people that I don't know and catching back up with those social media friends and local colleagues!!  Casual Networking events can be professional attire and is usually fun professional attire. Because of the fact that you ARE a professional you should always dress accordingly. Depending on the event, you can dress it up or dress it down as long as your camera ready. You may not think you are in the picture but if you happen to get in a side shot that you weren't expecting you need to be dress nicely!

Always carry business cards and try to remember names! At Casual Networking events, you tend to see some of the same faces over and over. If you don't remember someone's name and they remember yours (this has happened to me..Shhh o_O) it is okay, ask them what their name is. Just don't let it happen twice. I one time found myself looking on Fb so I could figure out who I was talking happens..but try not to make a habit of it! People like to be remembered especially at these type of events. Be yourself, dress nice, hand out a few cards and enjoy!


So we discussed several types of networking events! I decided to save discussing how to be a confident networker for the last post because people tend to remember most what they read last. So this Wednesday we will learn how to be a confident networker. 

If you attend networking events, which do you find to be your favorite style? Do you follow any of these rules? Feel free to add some tips on anything listed above!


Friday, October 14, 2011

Part 1: "5 Signs You Are Netwatching!"

Today I will begin the three part series on the subject of:
Are You "Networking" or Netwatching"?? <-- Click to read more..) 

Part 1 begins with netwatching. Netwatching is what I described as, "watching others network". Netwatching is normally not something done on purpose, but tends to be how most people start out when they begin to explore the area of networking.

5 Signs You Are Netwatching:
  • #1. You are not attending any networking events.
  • #2. When you attend you don't talk to hardly anyone.
  • #3. You don't bring business cards to hand out.
  • #4. You wait for others to acknowledge you.
  • #5. You leave networking events early.

If after reading these five signs, you feel that they were describing you; then you are netwatching and NOT networking. You're getting all dressed up and no one is noticing your awesome accessories or nice hair cut. Bummer. Networking is about stepping out and being remembered. If you are serious about your business and want to see it blossom and expand then stop netwatching. 

Okay, so you know you're a what?!? What is the next step that needs to be taken?? It's "easy" need to begin networking! Easy, I really like that word because often times when it is used, it's used in an area that is not very easy to most. Networking can be "easy", yet it takes the right characteristics to make a great impression! 

Don't know how to do "easy" networking? Then tune in for the rest of the series, which is continuing on Monday to learn what networking is all about and how to become a confident networker!!

Before you go read one of my netwatching experiences. (Yup, I admit that I use to netwatch..Guilty!)

...It was a June 2009 networking event and I was going solo ( I drove roughly 30 minutes talking to myself about how I will be confident as I walk in. So I arrived in my business attire and lucky me the weather wasn't the greatest (so my hair began getting frizzy). There went half the confidence that I gave myself in the (all over my hair!! smh) So I go in and I get my name tag and all this information. I walk into the room and I know not one person. So I smile and nod my head here and there from afar. As I walk from booth to booth I come across a cake booth and two young ladies asked me for my business card after a few minutes of conversation. (I was sooooo So of course I am like yes, that would be great. As I struggled for almost five minutes to get my plain--white--one sided--basic business cards (remember your business card is a representation of your business, so if your business isn't plain and boring then your business card shouldn't be either--make the needed investment from the start!). While searching for my business cards (dropping the papers I had in my hand) I eventually took theirs and handed them mines and don't you know a pen busted in my purse and got all over my already plain business cards o_O...I didn't notice until they brought it up which was even more embarrassing!! I couldn't wait to get out of story is almost over...I then continued to walk around and I saw another group talking about blogging (which at that time I blogged all the so I figured I would jump in the convo...didn't happen!! I think they were offended that I tried to give my input. Or maybe I had extreme newbie written on my face ;-)..who Needless to say I left early and more scared of networking then when I had arrived. Luckily I didn't stop there. I will share more successful stories later in the series. ;-)

Netwatching is a phase of networking that many go through. It isn't a negative thing. When you notice that you are doing it, it's UBER important to make the changes to start networking!

Until next time..Share a story of a netwatching experience that you had!!


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Are You "Networking!!" or "Netwatching??"

Photo taken by: Photographer Unknown
 Me at ABC's Southern New Jersey networking event taken place at DFX Sound Vision!
(I'm wearing the big yellow bag and orange skirt :-D)

I love networking! I love to network! But for those that don't and maybe those that do you may or may not know what it actually is. Networking in my book can be defined as stepping out of your comfort zone to get to know another person with the goal of doing business in the future. Again this is just my definition...if you would like a more defined one, Please Click Here! This post is related to networking events vs one-on-one networking meetings.

Now when attending a networking event for the first time it can be scary! (I know from experience) It is recommend that you bring someone with you (well my recommendation) so that you are more comfortable maneuvering around the room. (if you don't know how to "maneuver the room" I will provide some tips on a later post!) Whether in a pair or alone it is crucially important that you attempt to say hello to everyone. This hello can be a simple wave & big smile from across the room, it can be a hand shake & big smile making it more personal, or it can mean sitting down at a table and passing out a business card after a few minutes of conversation all while wearing a big smile! As you can see, smiling is important...why?? "Well because you look more charming when you smile and people remember and rather engage with a smiling person who looks friendly then a serious person"
If you are completing this task solo it may take you a little longer, like attending 2 or 3 more networking events longer, but that's okay! Bravery comes in steps so take baby steps if need be. Once you've attended you a few you begin to make friends and that's where the fun begins!! 

Photo taken by: Mogul Photography

My wedding planner colleagues enjoying some cocktails at the I Do Brunch, a relaxing networking event for Wedding Planners! (Amani, Deidre, Sharnell, Me, Stephanie & LaTonya.)
(I had a virgin cocktail..the bartender said I looked like a

Networking is powerful and can lead to many open doors later down the road. However, some people attend networking events and "netwatch". Well what is "netwatching" you ask?? Netwatching is when you watch others network! (it's that simple) Like said before attending these type of events can be scary but you will get nowhere if you come in: go to the bar to grab a drink, find a table and hope that someone will come say hi (which some"one" more than likely will) as you watch the others attending laugh and putting on their brave faces while walking around the room. As a netwatcher you've handed out 0-3 business cards when there is a room full of people and you leave more scared of networking then when you arrived! 

When netwatching you are not stepping out of your comfort zone, instead your more than likely hoping noone comes over to the big empty table (seated for 8 ppl, but it's just you and a large centerpiece) to say hello. Netwatching means that you probably haven't practiced what you would say if someone came over and I am probably sure many networkers don't do this either. None the less, practice makes perfect and makes you more confident! So practice what you want others to know about you and it will make you 100% more confident as you walk into a room full of newbies & professionals who are coming together to network. Mustard up the courage to go from table to table and simply start by introducing yourself and then smile! Smiling makes everyone more relaxed, so always remember to smile and give out your business card!

"As a netwatcher, your watching others get ahead. Don't be a a networker!"

So I don't overwhelm you this will be broken down into a three part series of "Netwatching", "Networking", & "Tips on being a confident networker". This three part series will give you more insight on how to network and not netwatch.

This series starts Friday!! So make sure you check back in so you don't miss anything!! 

Until then ask yourself this question... 
"Am I Networking or Netwatching"??
Share your story below, it just may help someone!


Friday, October 7, 2011

Intern Kelsi Share's: Pros & Cons of Having A Planner!

Definite Pros

Planning an event can easily become a full-time job when you’re doing it by yourself. It takes someone who is highly organized and has an arsenal full of plans A-Z and 1 through infinity for when things go wrong because any experienced planner knows that anything that can go wrong will. Helping their clients avoid disasters and the stresses of them is an event planner’s specialty.
  • Most planners have great personalities, which is why they are able to connect well with their clients and actualize their clients’ visions. They can become friends and confidants for the duration of the planning process as well as during and after the event.
  • When it comes to budget most planners are very meticulous when it comes to staying within the range of a desired budget.  A planner can also help to save their clients money because often times they know vendors that do great work and are reasonably-priced and they are usually good negotiators and can receive discounts. 
  • Hiring a planner can be more affordable than most people believe that it is. Most planners will even tailor their prices to their clients’ budgets as not to go over their clients’ budget. Without a planner you can drive yourself crazy as an event approaches but planners help alleviate the stress on their clients. The results are: a stress free day, a successful event, and memories that will last a very long time. The benefits of having a planner are well worth the cost of hiring one. 
 Do your research and make sure that the planner you choose is a good fit for you and your event!
Possible Cons

There are a few possible negatives potential clients can run into when dealing with some event planners. 
  •  The most obvious would be working with a planner who is very hard to reach. The success of any event depends highly on how readily available an event organizer can make themselves to: the needs of their clients, conflict resolution, touching base with vendors regularly, and being proactive. Without these things the success of an event can suffer irreparably.
  • Design and style differences can also cause a rift in the client planner relationship. Planning events is already stressful enough but added tension like opposing concepts between the client and the planner can make it worse. Most planners will just go with the age old saying, “The customer is always right.” Making sure client suggestions can be met and will be aesthetically and logistically favorable to the event as a whole. Some headstrong planners may, with or without realizing what they’re doing; ignore a client’s desires completely. Regardless of whether the event turns flawless if a client comes out of it feeling like their expectations for the event were not met, then ultimately the event was not successful.
  • When a planner receives benefits for using specific vendors it is called a kick back or an incentive. Receiving an incentive from a vendor is not a crime but may be a disservice to the planner’s clients. In any situation the planner should choose the vendor that best fits the client’s needs.

Great job Kelsi on sharing the Pros & Cons! Readers, share your experience with a planner! What were the pros & cons of having one? Do Tell!! 


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Intern Aimee Share's: What Do Planner's Do?

"What Do Planners Do" PowerPoint is a presentation that portrays the basic idea behind the responsibilities an event planner takes part in.   

The first slide, above, is a simple look at the goal of a wedding planner.  The goal of a wedding planner always is the same; the planner’s job is to help the client, host or hostess with the planning process.  Even though the goal of a wedding planner is always the same, the planner’s job is ever changing from event to event, wedding to wedding!!  This is what makes planning exciting and rewarding. :-)

The second slide that is shown above gives a sneak peak at a few of the key components to planning.  Budget is the most important component to the planning process.  A sounding board is a close second behind budget!  If the planner is not going to be supportive and listen to the clients wants and needs, than forget it, find another planner!!  Organization is third as one of the most important key components and knowing the trends as a planner is the fourth most important component.  The following slide goes into more detail with each key component that is listed above.  

  • The first and foremost important key component is the budget. Without a budget the client, as well as the planner, will not know which vendors to choose or what options the client will have.  
  • The second most important key component is the sounding board.  The planner needs to listen to the client’s budget, wants, needs, vision and ideas of their special day.  This is such an important component and goes hand in hand with the budget.  Knowing and listening to the budget is the first step to begin planning this special occasion.  

  • The third key component is organization.  Organization goes a long way in the planning industry.  The planner must know and coordinate multiple schedules and appointments with themselves, clients and vendors.  This will assure a smooth process in decision making as well as the day of the event. 

  •  The fourth crucial key components are trends.  Knowing trends within the industry will help the planner and client create a tasteful, up to date, color coordinated event.  It always helps if the planner is up to date with the most current trends in the wedding and event industry.  This can assist the client with a vision and/or ideas!
All four key components are so crucial throughout the entire planning process.  They go hand in hand with one another through each step and help all the ends meet to create a beautiful event and memories!  

Great job Aimee, very well said. Readers what else do Planner's do? Give your input as well!! :-D 


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

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