Tuesday, March 29, 2011

::UrDreamPlanner Grant::

 The word "Love", has a strong meaning in my heart. Maybe it's experiencing it first hand what it feels like to be loved and in love or maybe it's the feeling I get when I see other couples having their first dance gazing into each other's eyes with love! I truly believe it is combination of both that makes me love, LOVE!

As the owner of Beautiful Beyond Dreams, LLC I gave myself the mission from the start to create dream weddings for couples who truly cannot afford it. The new pricing of BBD makes it hard for those couples with a smaller budget to want to invest. However, I didn't want to exclude these couples out totally!

The UrDreamPlanner Grant is something that I've just started and right now is on a smaller scale, but the vision for this is HUGE! The UrDreamPlanner Grant is named after my twitter name @UrDreamPlanner. The wish granting will start this year beginning this summer for one in love couple!!

Below is all the information you need to know.

UrDreamPlanner Grant

Beautiful Beyond Dreams, LLC owner is in love with LOVE! We want to serve those true in love couples that dream of a beautiful wedding but cannot not afford it. Knowing that weddings can be expensive we created the: UrDreamPlanner Grant. This allows you to have the wedding of your dreams at a price you can afford!

The Mission:
To provide a deserving in love couple who can't afford to get married with a Beautiful Beyond Dreams once in a lifetime Wedding Planning experience. Beautiful Beyond Dreams, LLC will grant two wishes a year:
1 Spring/Summer Wedding -- 1 Fall/Winter Wedding

The Requirements:
-Located in South Jersey/Philadelphia Area
-Engaged w/ a set Wedding Date
-Intimate Style (50 Guests or less)
-Budget under $5,000
-Willing to be Hands-On
-Wedding date has to be at least 2 months away from submission

How to enter the UrDreamPlanner Grant:
Submit a 1000 word essay of why you two are a deserving couple in love!
(Include pictures or anything that really tells your story.)
-Include your wedding date
-Include your location
-Include your max wedding budget

Make a wedding dream come true for a deserving in love couple by submitting an entry for them for the UrDreamPlanner Grant, couple must meet all the requirements.

*Submissions for the Spring/Summer Wedding Slot are being accepted now! Due to the timing, we will only be doing a summer wedding between the months of {June-August}. Winner will be contacted by April 30th!

*Submissions for the Fall/Winter Wedding Slot are being accepted starting June 1st.  Fall/Winter Weddings are any weddings set to take place between the months of September-Mid-March. Winner will be contacted by July 31st!

The UrDreamPlanner Grant submission must be emailed to:

Be sure to follow all of the guidelines so that you do not get disqualified. If you do not receive an email within 5 business days, please email or call to be sure that we have received your submission. 

Good luck to all who enter!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Extra..Extra..Check It Out!!

So my dear bloggers as you know the blogging mission has been given to blog 3 days a week Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday! However, tonight's blog calls for a special blog post!

Beautiful Beyond Dreams, LLC has officially finished the website! It has been a very tedious process that included starting over 5 None the less, I am ready to share with you all what I have been up to! Without further due I present to you our website!

Visit to learn about: The Company, The Services we offer, take a look at The Galleries, our New *UrDreamPlanner Grant* and set up a Complimentary Consultation!! Still to come [our specials]! Since the specials page is not up yet, when you set up your complimentary consultation we will be sure to share with you all the specials that we currently running so that you don't miss out! 

I look forward to meeting and working with you! 

Saturday, March 26, 2011

::Vintage, Tattoos, Cakes, Colors & Details::

Although the weather may not feel like it, it is Spring and weddings are happening every weekend!! As I notice all the beautiful weddings and read through several wedding groups that I am apart of I noticed a few wedding trends that are quite charming! The following wedding trends have been spotted to be some of the most popular for the Spring and Summer Weddings!!

Vintage Dresses Are In!
Over the past couple of months you have seen Brides showcasing gorgeous lace wedding dresses and birdcage veils! The old Hollywood look has captured the hearts of many couples and have been expressed beautifully through many great photographers. The Red lip also gives off a sultry, sexy look that is worn in quite a few different shades!

Expressing Personality Through Tattoos!
A lot of brides are no longer hiding their tattoos, instead they are happily showing them off! This trend of tattoos may not be approved by all, but it doesn't matter since weddings are fabulous because it is the time to express your personality! Tattoos are worn or covered also depending on the style of the wedding. Tattoos can be covered up with makeup and should be done at least one time before the wedding day to know how long it will take and what make-up will work best with your skin tone.

Mini Cakes are cute and unique!
Cake is a big feature of the wedding that many guests look forward too! Although you still have your beautiful 5 & 6 tier wedding cakes, I am seeing a lot more cute, personalized wedding cakes that may or may not be set-up with cupcakes. You will see 2 to 4 mini cakes depending on the guests and style of the wedding. These cakes come in so many different forms, each one is truly unique!! 

Neutral Tones on the Groom's Side!
Spring is here and aside from the light colors of the season, in weddings neutral colors are seen a lot more during this time of the year. The Groomsmen are being seen in a lot of Khaki, Light Blue, and Grey tuxes and are using accent colors of yellow, green, light purple, peaches, and soft pinks! 

Couples getting married are loving the trend of personalized items. From the aisle runner, to the favors, hangers, chair covers, and even refrigerators (yup!), you can easily tell who's wedding your at. Wedding Pro's are making it affordable for couples to get the look they want and truly make it their own! It's no longer just {Mr. & Mrs. Jones July 3, 2002} you can have your very own logo or tag line created along with pictures and more!!

Whatever trend you may be following or not following, be sure that your wedding expresses who you are as a couple! After all, the key is to only get married once and you want that day to be special and unique!! 

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Really?? or Really!!

The Wedding of Prince Williams & Sweet Kate has been the talk of the country since last year. As it soon approaches we, the people; get a little more insight of how things are going to be and all the special details going into their wedding day. Commemorative items have been around for centuries as a nice way to rememeber a wonderful individual or unqiue couple. 

Not to say that Prince Williams and Sweet Kate aren't special and shouldn't have their own unique item...but check out this commemorative item provided by the company GE.

Does it make you go Really?? or Really!!

I don't know about you but I wouldn't want this in my kitchen. However, what if it was a picture that could be put on to your own fridge at your own home. A customized picture of you and your hunny-bunny all happy remembering your wedding day! Would you buy this for your home?? How much would you be willing to pay??

Something to think about!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Everyone Has A Choice!

 Hello my fellow blogger's! I have pondered heavily about what I am about to post today. I've been in conversation with Wedding Pros and Non-Wedding Pros on this topic that I am about to present to you. I am writing this because it has been on my heart and I felt guilty about doing something that I believed in and I needed to share. I am prepared for some to agree with me and for many to not agree with me at all. But in the end Everyone Has A Choice!

Last month I received an inquiry to plan a same-sex Day of Coordination Wedding. I looked at the email as I knew what my response was going to be without even thinking twice....I Cannot do it. I thought long and hard on the most respectful and professional way to respond so that I do not offend anyone or be caught discriminating another person. 
The whole scenario went something like this:
Good Evening,
           My partner, (.....) and I, are looking to hire a Day-of coordinator for our civil union ceremony scheduled to take place in (...) on (....).


My response went like this:
Hi (...),
I regret to inform you that (...) does not plan civil union ceremonies. I wish you and your significant other much luck finding the right planner.


She kindly replied "Thank you" and we both went on with our lives. I thought over and over, did I reply correctly, was I offensive, should I have lied and just said I wasn't available??? I began to feel bad, but then let it go and thought it is okay. Yesterday however, the subject of not completing a service due to religious belief arose and so I thought about this couple. After being called judgmental and rude and unprofessional I really began to think..Oh No..What have I done? Did I really discriminate against this couple by being honest! Again, my thought on this whole thing is that "Every Has A Choice"!

So after a long day of ongoing conversation with Wedding Pros and Non-Wedding Pros, I felt horrible and just had to email this young lady back and apologize for offending her. Which went like this:
Hi (...),
I just wanted to write to you and say sorry if I offended you and your Fiance (...) in any way. That truly was not my intentions. I was speaking with a group of wedding pros and it made me think of you. So again, I am truly sorry if my response was offensive in any way. I hope your planning process has been fulfilling and stress-free!


She replied back..
Hello (...),
Thank you very much for reaching out, but your comments were not offensive at all...just honest (which we can appreciate).  Planning has been great and we have found a planner that suits our needs.  Thanks again for your concern and sincerity.
  (...) and(...)
After getting her repsonse, I felt absolutely was like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders!!

So I say all this to say that "Everyone Has A Choice" In my opinon. I have to live by what I belive and if the law doesn't agree unfortunately I have to take that chance because the truth is I live for God and God is who I have to answer to at the end of the day. I truly do hope that I never experience a lawsuit or anything similar due to my religious beliefs. 

Everyone has A Choice..You have A choice...your not a bad person for saying no, just make sure you refer that indivudal to someone who can help. That is what I feel was my biggest mistake, not providing a referral. I have definitely learned a lot about myself going through this. I am happy that I can stand firm in my belief and be able to live with the consequences..whatever they may be. 
For I am a child of God and I live by his rules! 

Feel free to post how you feel on this topic. Again, Everyone has A Choice and even more Everyone will not agree with your choice. You have to make the decision to decide if you will follow your belief or follow the law.

This was not written to offend anyone or to put anyone on trial, etc. It was just a personal experience that I felt I should share with others who may have gone through something similar.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

:::Wedding Dress Shopping:::

Shopping for wedding dresses is a fun experience that many brides look forward too!! Here's a few tips to make your shopping experience a little smoother.

Wedding Dress Shopping Tips:

*If you know you want a new dress order it at least 6 months in advance. This allows for it to be made, gives time for any delays, and leaves time for needed alterations.

*When looking for your perfect dress, be sure to tell the consultant your max budget and stick to it as you will still have to pay for alterations & accessories. 

*Clipping a few of your favorite pictures may help your dress shopping experience to go a little smoother. 

*Limit the amount of friends you bring to the fitting as a lot of opinons tends to wear the bride out rather than help her make the best decision!

*Make actual appointments, so you get the quality time you deserve with the consultant and the party you brought along.

*Make a fun day out of it by scheduling 2 or 3 appointments and be sure to due a lunch break in between.

*Wear the appropriate garments: (half bra and full panties), and be sure to lotion up as you will be half naked in the room with another person. ;-)

*The most important tip is to "Have Fun"! Try not to become stressed or overwhelmed, this is an important step in the process and a big purchase; but remember to enjoy it no matter the outcome!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

:::Convertible Wedding Dresses:::

The wedding industry is always changing and one of the newest trends that has captured the hearts of many are Convertible or 2-in-1 Wedding Dresses!! A Convertiable wedding dress is a dress that starts out long (typically worn for the ceremony) and becomes shorter (to be worn during the reception). 

The fashion of wearing two dresses has been around for some time now. The choice of buying one dress and wearing it two ways is a fashion that has gained attention and a love from many brides to be. Convertible Wedding Dresses come in many different styles as well: Ball gown, Sheath, A-line and more; to fit the many different styles of Brides. 

Below are a few Convertible dresses that I love!

The first Martina Liana:

The second David's Bridal:

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Today starts the beginning of the new blog of Beautiful Beyond Dreams, LLC! I will start off by telling you about one of my greatest passions, (as I have several). I get Jet Magazine and one of the March additions of featured the Founder of Carol's Daughters Natural Hair & Skin Products, Lisa Price. She wrote about her passion for her business. 

This struck me because I too am very passionate about Wedding & Event Planning. Towards the end of Lisa's article she gave an inspirational piece of advice that I felt I needed to share with you all!! 

"Let your passion fuel your plans"..."Money will come and go, but if you keep the passion for your work alive within you then that will enhance the likelihood of success."-Lisa Price Founder of Carol's Daughters Natural Hair & Skin Products

So think about your life and what your passionate about and "Let Your Passion Fuel Your Plans!"

Monday, March 14, 2011

The Blogging Mission!!

Hello my fellow bloggers, I am on a mission to become a semi-daily blogger! Which means, I will blog (to start) three days out of the week! Due to my new business office hours, I will blog on Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday! 

The blog posts will consist of business related information, wedding & event related information, and just-because related information!  I am excited about this new tasks and have even put in place several ways I will successfully accomplish this task! I would love for your support in reading my blog and as you comment, leave your blog link so I can be sure to read yours too!!

This is the mission so I hope you enjoy!! 
Check back tomorrow for the first of many blogs!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Are you Following the Law: Internships??

The Wedding Industry is a hard one to get into and stay in, if you want a successful business. Many professionals recommend an Internship at a leading company, some place that you can gain real experience and decide if this really is the career choice for you! If you have ever done an Internship, you will know that 90% of the time when Wedding/ Event related they are for college credit, or "Non-Paid aka Free". You will find the good companies that will feed you and help with your gas and there are also companies who won't. You have to find one that works for you and give you the best experience and knowledge. Most Wedding/ Event related internships last anywhere from 3 months to 1 year. 

This blog post is for both the Employer & the Intern! Follow the link to find out if your following the Fair labor Standards Act Advisor

Happy Reading,

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New Logo!!

Hello my dear bloggers! I am pretty sure you have been wondering where I have been and if I fell off the planet earth since I haven't blogged in some time. So as you know the goal of blogging continuosly every day didnt make it through the 28 days, but that is okay. It is hard I must say to blog on a daily basis! 
Big Big Kudos to those that do it!! 

In other news since my blog still does exist I want to share with you some exciting new things happening for my company, Beautiful Beyond Dreams, LLC!! To start off, we have a new logo!! Isn't it Dreamy!! :-D It was created by the talented Marii of Pink Studios you can find her website here: or on twitter & facebook!
Beautiful Beyond Dreams, LLC is in the process of rebranding and I must say this process is super exciting! So, I wanted to include you in on the fun!! Along the way you will here about fab things going on with the company. For instance we have awesome new packages full of goodies you won't be able to resist and you will dream about using Beautiful Beyond Dreams, LLC for all of your events!! Yup, they are that good! 
So I hope you take this journey with me as I rebrand the company and provide you with even better service, prices, packages, new location and so, so, so, so much more!!!

With LOVE,