Saturday, March 3, 2012

"Pin It" at Your Own Risk!'s post is about Pinterest!! I was sucked into Pinterest about a month did take me a long time before I jumped on the train and checked out all that it has to offer. Pinterest provides a place of sharing pics that you love and want others to see and enjoy!! It's really an awesome place to be apart of.

Recently it was brought to the light that Pinterest has become or "has always been" a "Pin It At Your Own Risk" kind of sight. Many of you, like myself did not read the fine print. Well, it is so important that we as Wedding Pros, Brides, Grooms, fashion gurus, Moms and Pinterest lovers around the world must read the fine print. A photog created a post giving the details of why she deleted her Pinterest Account. This post is definitely a must read because she really breaks down the legal meaning so you can make your "Pin It at your own risk" decision on your own.

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Here are a few other great post to educate you on the whole pinning legality discussion:

So take the time to read and truly educate yourself on this important discussion. 

As for me and my Pinterest..I have not decided to delete my account, but I am going to take the time to delete some boards and make sure I am sticking to the rules!! I stopped pinning for about 2 weeks or so because of this and last night I started again. I am "pinning at my own risk", but trying to make sure I follow all the rules while doing so! 

So read, read and read so more and decide if you will be "pinning at your own risk" or simply deleting your account!

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Talk To Me:
What do you think about this news? Do you have a Pinterest? Did you delete or keep your Pinterest board? What are you doing to not break the law? Share any tips or comments below! :-)

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