Wednesday, July 25, 2012

UrDreamPlanner's Wednesday Knowledge: Inspiration Board Book!

As you may or may not know, the Owner of Beautiful Beyond Dreams, LLC, Brittany Allen {ME}, has written a book! The topic is, Inspiration Boards! I have created a five step method, a how-to guide for using four Inspiration Board methods. The book provides you with great insight, step by step instructions, a lot of tips, many laughs and will allow you to walk away inspired to create, create, create!!!

Since, "Five Step Method to Creating A Successful Inspiration Board! {Weddings & Events}" will soon be published and readily available to the world, I wanted to share with you a little of what to expect; starting with, who the book is for.

Who Is It For?
This Inspiration Board book was written for the Wedding Planner, Event Planner, and Designer just starting out that doesn't know how to create an Inspiration Board. This book can be applied to the veteran planner or designer that has never used an Inspiration Board before. This book can help the Planner's who create Inspiration Boards already, but would like to have a good read on a topic that is very present in today's Wedding & Event Planning Industry! 

Not only is this book for the Wedding Professionals, but Brides can benefit from reading it as well. A Bride that is more hands-on and would like to gather her thoughts and ideas to portray her vision clearly to her Wedding Planner, Designer, and/or other vendors; this book will give her the skills to do so! 

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Thank you for your support!!

Be Inspired!

Talk To Me:
Do you use Inspiration Boards? Have you wanted to learn how to create one? Do you know how, but still want to learn more? Share your Inspiration Board experiences below in the comment zone!!

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