Blogging Tips!

 The following are tips that I have used for blogging and have helped me! Hopefully they will help you too.
What made you start blogging?
I love to talk! lol...I also loved reading others blogs and it allowed you to get to know the people you are following. It really is fun, but very time consuming!

What can you recommend to someone who wants to begin blogging?
I would advise anyone who wants to begin blogging to create a game plan. Blogging if you want to make an impact is a full time job that shouldn't be taken lightly. Know your target audience..Create a realistic blogging schedule and stick to it...Be yourself...Make others laugh, think, and dream. Most importantly create a blog that has meaning, a blog that will make others want to come and read your blog on a daily basis!! Oh and HAVE FUN of course!! :-)

What's a good method to successful blogging?
A solid game stated earlier you will need to create one! I highly recommend scheduled blogging, which is when you take one day and say you blog 3 days a week..take that one day and create all your blog posts and schedule when you would like them to post. You can select dates and times and it will automatically do it for you. So if you want you posts to have every wed at 9am and one wed you wake up late, you will know that your blog post has already been dropped because on Sunday evening you wrote them all in advance.

Do you have a blogging style?
Honestly, I am still trying to find my style. I love to write fun blog posts, but I also want to have a balance and create informative blog posts. My blog grows with me so as I change, so does my blog. If I had to give myself a style right now, I would say I am a freestyle just never know what tomorrow may bring. I am learning to become more detailed in what I blog about; more meaningful without loosing the fun and free aspect!

How do you get followers?
Getting followers isn't that hard. You have to make yourself known however in order for people to follow your blog. To do this you must follow others blog's. And stay consistent. Consistency is truly key in blogging. When you follow others they will then in return follow your blog. But don't just follow them once check back in every now and then and say hi or drop a comment on a post or two! Bloggers love getting comments.

Any words of advice?
Enjoy! Try to really enjoy blogging. If you enjoy it and create a blogging schedule you won't look at it as a hassle. Blogging takes time and dedication, but can be very fun and very rewarding!! Take your time and create a fabulous blog!! :-)

*Wise advice given to me*
"Never tell people when you are going to blog, or how often. And NEVER apologize for being away from blogging or not having blogged when you "say you would". That's like rule #1 of blogging." ~ Cassandre Bonhomme-Snyder, Owner of Cassandre Snyder Events.