Wednesday, July 11, 2012

UrDreamPlanner's Wednesday Knowledge: Selecting Wedding Colors!

Let's talk colors combinations! One of my favorite things about planning a wedding is learning the colors a couple has chosen. Is it going to be "Fuschia, Brown & White" or "Candy Apple Green, Teal & Red", etc? Whichever color combo they share, I always say, "That's great!" My "that's great", comes from the heart. I truly believe that every color combo can work, especially if you add a great accent color to the mix. As a Wedding Planner, I enjoy the challenge of showing just how great and unique the couple's color combo is!

Bride wanted two colors the Mothers could I suggested, light & dark grey. 
This board is displaying on the color choices not an attire suggestion. 

When selecting your wedding colors...
  1. Select at least 3 and no more than 4.
  2. Include an accent color (An accent color is a color that is used to break up or highlight the combination of the others you have chosen. It makes a HUGE subtle difference!!)
  3. Find colors that represent you & your Fiance.
  4. Do research on the different shades of the color you desire. (There are many shades of every color..including white and black!)
  5. Use online inspiration to find color combos displayed in art, food, clothing, jewelry, etc. 
  6. Don't be afraid of color!
  7.  When you find your exact colors, find a tangible swatch of each. (This allows you to get the exact colors you want for your wedding. Every company does not use the same color grid. Swatches are essential, when it comes to color & design!)
Having a great color combo makes a wedding that more exciting. Color, when used correctly, can make a drastic statement at the wedding. 

 This Bride wanted an "accent" color to the Cherry Red & Sage Green. I suggested she use Eggplant to highlight the colors she had already chosen. This was for a Destination Wedding, so I added this boarder too!

Color Suggestion:
When working with dark bold colors...choose a light, softer accent color.
When working with light soft colors...choose a dark, bold accent color.
"Blending is great for applying makeup, not choosing wedding colors. You want to make sure all the colors you select are seen!"

The key to making a great color combo is selecting colors that make sense to you. It's almost like you should have that "ah-ha" moment. Don't pick colors for everyone else...pick colors for you! Be true to yourself.

Talk To Me:
What made you pick the colors you did? Did you love the colors you picked or did you want to change them constantly? Was finding the perfect colors easy or hard? Share any "color selecting" tips you may have with our readers. Share your experiences below in the comment zone! :-)

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