Wednesday, August 1, 2012

UrDreamPlanner's Wednesday Knowledge: 3 "Must-Have Meals" on Wedding Day!

3 "Must-Have Meals" on Wedding Day!

It's Wedding Day and your excitement it so great or your nerves are so strong, that eating is not at the forefront of your mind. However, it is still important that you eat three meals on Wedding Day.

Meal #1: A Relaxed Breakfast!
(Hit all the food groups in this meal. Don't eat a heavy breakfast, but make sure you eat a complete meal. During this time, you are the most relaxed in the sense you are just waking up and no prep has begun. Enjoy this down time and enjoy a nice breakfast, alone or with your girls!)

Meal #2: Snack To Go!
(By this time, you are in full blown Wedding Prep! None the less, your next "real" meal is not until the sun is setting and therefore you need a snack. Eat some graham crackers, cheese crackers, gold fish, pretzels, etc. Eat a snack with a little substance but something that is still light. It is important to feed your body through out the course of the day. Be sure to drink water with this snack. Staying hydrated is very important on wedding day.)

Meal #3: Sit Down Dinner!
(At this point you are married!! Congratulations!!! Now, sit down and eat dinner! I promise, although it may not seem like it, your guest want you to eat as well! If you eat when they eat, you will have time to eat. The night does go by quickly, none the less, you paid $100 (more or less) each for your plates, so my dear Bride & Groom, enjoy it!)

Bonus Meal #4: The Midnight Feast!
(If for some reason, you didn't or did eat, you can still ask your venue if there are any extra meals left over. Majority of venues do have something left over, because all your guests didn't attend. Ask to take these extra meal portions with you and enjoy a midnight feast! Again, you did pay for all these meals, so why not enjoy them!!)

Wedding day happens quickly...don't get so lost in all the excitement that, you don't eat. Be healthy and have a memorable wedding day!

Happy Meal Time!

Talk To Me:
What is your wedding day meal plan? Do you have one? Married already!? Did you eat on your wedding day? Most couples eat breakfast, but did you eat at your reception? Share your wedding day eating experience and any advice that you feel would benefit the readers!! Leave your comments below in the comment zone. :-)

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