Thursday, April 26, 2012

A 2012 Party "Must-Have": The Dessert Buffet!!!

Who doesn't love a great party?? Parties are so much fun!! You have great music, yummy food, unusual dancing, family & friends and most importantly an eye-googly, mouth watering dessert buffet!!! Displaying your dessert spread out along the table on the original platters they came in are long gone.

The creativity of what you can do with a dessert buffet is totally endless!! Desserts are fun enough all by themselves, but when you create a scene that they get to live in and truly get to be featured in; it makes eating them much more exciting. 

How to Create A Dessert Buffet:
  • 1 long table (For the desserts of course! ;-D)
  • Cool or fancy colorful or themed-related table cloth. (This can be rented or you can visit the craft store and find something amazing or just look around your own house!!)
  • Backdrop (Can use fabric, tissue paper balls, wrapping paper, etc..get creative!)
  • An amazing centerpiece!! (A wow factor that will suck in your guests. Usually placed in the center of the table...can be food related.) 
  • Props!! (Bring in props that match the theme and can be space-fillers for areas that need an accent.)
  • Various sized jars, plates, bowls. (Basically anything your desserts can sit on or in..again get creative!)
  • Labels! (This is important because guest like to know what their about to eat.)
  • The Desserts!!! (Pre-cut, easy to pick up kind of desserts! Or "dressed up" utensils to pick up items.)

Dessert Buffet Tips To Remember:  

Place your desserts on your fabulously decorated dessert table and create levels with the various jars. Height allows the eye to move throughout the table and makes those about to dig in, very excited!! 

Don't over stack your dessert plate because you don't want the items to fall over. You want to create clean lines and allow your buffet to appear neat since you already have a big scene going on.

Lastly, keep an eye on the dessert buffet so you can restock throughout the party!

Oh and lastly-lastly, make sure you enjoy the dessert buffet too!!

Have fun! Get creative! 

Talk To Me:
Have you created a Dessert Buffet before? Did you enjoy the process? Did the above help you any? Do you have any advice to share below that can help the other readers, please share!! What's your favorite dessert to see on a dessert buffet?? Let's chat below! :-D 

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  1. Great post! Personally, whenever I plan a party for my children I start my design with the dessert table and work my way out. I have such a sweet tooth, every detail of my parties are centered around the sweets. The kids all love it (as do I, lol)

    1. Thanks Sherries!! So sorry I am just seeing this, my email doesn't love me as much as I though it Yes, dessert tables are definitely one of my fav too!! Ya know...we as adults are really just kids in adult clothing..LOL :-D


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