Monday, June 11, 2012

UrDreamPlanner's Monday Inspiration: Celebration Food!

It's Monday and I don't know about you, but I love to be inspired! I get inspired by life! A smell, sound, just seeing something beautiful, can spark a bit of inspiration up in me. One thing that can always inspire me is, FOOD!!! Yes, I love food! Besides being a very picky eater and allergic to the entire nut family, milk and chocolate...I LOVE TO EAT! So today's inspirational post is about food!! And not just any food, but food that guests dream about when attending a wedding or event!

Celebration Food!
Celebration Food is what I like to describe as "fun and tasty" food that you eat at weddings & events. 

 As a guest, you have two expectations:

-Expectation #1: You are expecting it to not taste like your basic "wedding" or basic "party" foods. (Guests want to walk into a room and see decorated tables. A nice spread of something delicious. They don't want to eat basic turkey and gravy. Guests come seeking Filet Mignon topped with mashed potatoes that look like a flower and dressed with baby carrots & asparagus in some amazing sauce! Or at least something equally fancy and yummy.)

-Expectation #2: You are expecting to leave full! (When attending a wedding or event, guests expect to eat! The "Celebration Food" is the highlight of the morning, afternoon or evening. Be prepared to feed your guests because they came hungry. Don't scare your guests, with food that looks so foreign you end up wasting your money because everyone just picks over their food. Give your guests familiar options, so they can actually enjoy the food!! Food makes guests happy, and happy guests dance, take pictures and rave about your wedding or event!)

When deciding what food to serve to your guests, think about their common likes and dislikes. Consider any allergies and diet restrictions. Guests are coming to celebrate you, as you are the guest of honor. However, you as the guests of honor should treat your guests like royalty AND royalty eats well!! So get inspired by the guests you invited and make sure the "Celebration Food" is fun and tasty!! 

Be Inspired!

Talk To Me:
What is your experience with "Celebration Food" when attending a wedding or event? Rate it on a scale of 1-10, was is it excellent(10) or horrible(1)?  What is your favorite food to see when attending a wedding or event? Share your stories below in the comment section!! :-D

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