Monday, July 9, 2012

UrDreamPlanner's Monday Inspiration: Never Give Up!

It's Monday, that start of the work week for many!! Today's inspiration is just for YOU! Today and from this day forward I want YOU to never give up on your dreams and passion for life! 

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I have always had the dream since I was little to be a mommy. When I was in kindergarten I said for career day, "When I grow up, I want to be a mommy!" It's interesting because at age 24 I have no kids, but since I was 7 I have been around kids. I grew up with a daycare in my home. I was always attracted to daycare/nanny jobs. And as much as kids "annoy me" so to speak, I always enjoy their presesence. I say all that to say that, I look forward to marriage and kids. I don't want an army or band of kids, but to have a family has always been a dream of mine!

When I was in college, and even before that, I gained an interest in weddings & events because I was attracted to the decor & details. But when I learned the industry through my internship, it opened my eyes to so much more and became a passion of mine. I loved the actual planning aspect, I loved the coordination and mechanics of making an air tight timeline so the day can flow beautifully. I loved the connection I made with the couples. I loved {ME} in the Wedding & Event Planning industry. 

I came into my internship with the mindset that, I wanted to learn! I wanted to learn everything so that I can start my own business. I was given an opportunity of a lifetime. I am so grateful to have been given this passion of planning weddings & events and actually being able to live it out!

I chose this Rocky song...but it just inspires me to never give up. The story behind it shows perseverance because he overcame so much! Although things will come up in life, like they have in mine, that will completely knock you off your game. Like it did to me (from March to May, things were off in my life and my business felt it.) Even with that, my passion was restored through the Lord and I am on a mission like no other. Just because things happen in life and may knock you off your game, it doesn't mean it's over. YOU are never to old to fulfill your dreams and passions in life.

I don't care what happens in your life, YOU have to keep pushing. Keep running up the stairs of success until you reach your destiny. Never give up on your dreams and passions in life! This is your race that YOU are running. YOU pick the path and how slow or fast you want it to go. Do it according to your plan, not those around you.

God's timing is perfect timing and he will place things and people in your life that will make those dreams come to life right before your eyes. But YOU have to live out the dream. YOU have to work hard for the dream. It's your dream, no one wants your dream to come true as much as YOU do! So when it's time to live it out...grab on with both hands and enjoy the ride!!! Never Give Up...

Be Inspired!

Talk To Me:
What is your dream and/or passion in life? What excites you so much that you can't imagine life without you doing that? Are you living out your dreams and passions? Are you running or hiding from your dreams or passions? What will it take in YOU to make those dreams a reality? Share below with the readers your "journey" to success. How are you getting there? Share below in the comment zone! 

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