Monday, June 4, 2012

UrDreamPlanner's Monday Inspiration: "5 Ways to Believe in YOU!"

Have you ever been so excited about your dreams that you over thought and felt completely lost in thought? Well, it has happened to me before and it is not a place you should stay in for a long time. To get out of a stagnant must first believe in yourself and the talent that you have!!

5 Ways to Believe in YOU!
1.Speak Life - Say positive affirmations!
2. Do - Make moves and take the first step, whether that be educating yourself, training, etc...make the moves needed to succeed!!!
3. Engage - Surround yourself with positive people that can uplift you!
4. Be Inspired - Learn you, so you can know what you like and love to do!
5. Live - Simply live out your dream. Live for you and not for people!!

I saw The Wiz at my hs on Saturday and it brought back so many memories from when I did it as a freshman in hs ( I was a dancer in the musical) I want to leave you with this song! 

Believe In YOU!!

Talk To Me:
Do you believe in yourself? Do you have a daily or weekly affirmation that keeps you going? Leave a comment below, it just may help you inspire someone else!! :-D 

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