Friday, February 4, 2011

Love Bite #4: Video's of Love!

Morning all, Today I am doing this post early so you can jam with me throughout the whole day!! I am a big LOVE person as well as a big MUSIC person. So to express that we are going to listen to love songs. Now I could really fill this whole blog up with songs but im going to keep it to 3 today!

Love Bite #4: Video's of Love!

Video #1: Alicia Keys-That's How Strong My Love Is

I am totally in love with this song! It so expresses how strong my love is for my love.
Video #2: Brian McKnight-Never Felt This Way

I chose this song because it really does something to my It's so beautiful and just perfect for me & my love!
Video #3: Shai-If I Ever

I chose this song, because this was my song when we first started dating. Now we are "in love"..but this song was perfect at that time!!

Thanks for listening I hope you have a great day and enjoy the music.

With LOVE,