Friday, August 10, 2012

UrDreamPlanner's Friday Fun: Play Board Games!

Today, on the East Coast, it's raining cats and dogs!! Rain for most means staying indoors, finding a blanket and your favorite movie, and laying on the couch with your family. Just in case you are not in the mood for laying around and being comfy all day/weekend; play board games!

Board Games:
Chutes & Ladders

Do these board games bring back memories for you? They do for me! Monopoly was my favorite board game to play; although I only finished it completely one time and won without having to quit because I went bankrupt..LOL! I always ended up in jail and had to try to roll doubles, never landed in Free Parking and I always tried to buy up the pink, red, yellow & dark blue properties; and stack them with red hotels and green I always picked the car! Such fun memories while writing this post!! What was your favorite board game to play?

When the weather is sour, like it is on today, pull out the board games. Pop some pop corn, order a pizza or two, gather the family and sit on the floor or at the kitchen table and play! Not only does rainy weather wash your car, but it gives you the opportunity to bond with your family & friends. You get to learn more about each others personalities, enjoy each others laughter and you give your televison a rest. 

So reach high up into your closet or take a trip into the basement and spread out the games. Allow each person to have a chance to pick a game that everyone will play, even if that means playing a game twice! Don't let the rain spoil your day! Have some fun and play some board games. ;-)

Play for Fun! 

Talk To Me:
Did you play board games as a child. Do you have a favorite board game; what is it? What is your best memory of playing board games; share below! What else besides play games do you do for indoor fun when it's rainy outside? Share your thoughts and experiences below in the comment zone! :-D

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