Wednesday, February 29, 2012

It's Leap Day Ladies! Will You Be Proposing??

It's Leap Day, meaning that there are 366 days this year instead of the normal 365. Leap Year happens every 4 years. Leap Year comes with many traditions, however; there is one that many couples who have yet to be engaged may find exciting or scary.

Leap Day is a day where women are "allowed" to propose to men and are not looked at as being strange. I find this tradition rather cool. Tradition says that the ladies may pop the question, however if her love does not say YES, he must buy her 12 pair of gloves that she can wear so she will not walk around embarrassed that she has no ring.

Pros of Leap Day:
  • Ladies you get to pick the ring so you know you will love it!!
  • You get to create the dream proposal that you always wanted!
  • You get to make your guy feel super special by proposing to him!

Cons of Leap Day:
  • He just may say no.
  • You get 12 pairs of gloves. (This could be a pro as well!)
  • You have to now wait until he proposes to you.

Things to consider before taking the Leap:
  • Does this tradition fit your relationship?
  • Will your guy be happy or sad that you decided to propose?
  • Will you truly be happy that you decided to propose?

So I find this Leap Day tradition to be rather interesting. I think that if your bold enough and you know that your man will say YES, then by all means ladies get down on one knee and pop the question!!! Otherwise, at least you will have 12 pairs of beautiful new gloves, which I guess isn't a bad trade off, right?? lol

It's Leap Day ladies, so get the asking!! 
Did you "pop the question" and he said "YES"!!

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The 12% Off represents the 12 pair of gloves you didn't have to buy.  ;-)

Talk To Me:
Do you plan on proposing ladies? Fellas would you be happy if your girl proposed? Thoughts on this tradition? Share your stories in the comments section below!! :-)

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