Friday, July 6, 2012

UrDreamPlanner's Friday Fun: 4th of July Recipes!

All week our posts have been related to the 4th of July holiday! Today, we are going to finish the week off with some fun 4th of July family oriented recipes, that you can try this weekend!! Let's start with a festive drink!!

When creating fun food items, presentation plays a big part. Your food display, although in this case will already be colorful, should be displayed nicely! Use pretty platters and use levels to make your food display appealing to the eye!

Patriotic Drink

 This kid friendly drink will be sure to capture the essence of your 4th of July Party! Click here to learn how to make this drink for yourself, family & friends!!

Guests love having a fun drink to try! If planning a dinner party this weekend or in the near future, consider serving this. Have your drinks already made and ready to be served. Find a swanky glass, add a festive straw, place a strawberry or watermelon on the side of the glass and cheers to a good time!!

American Flag Marshmallow Pops

(Found via

Click here for "how-to" picture instructions and all the tools needed to create this fun treat. 

Although 4th of July is over...if you are getting married on this holiday next year, consider a "fun food station" for your guests to enjoy. Having the items set up nicely during cocktail hour would be a great way to give your guests something to do...that would be a teaser of the fun to be expected at the Wedding Reception! You can create 1 or 2 fun food stations to compliment the other h' orderves being served!

This is also great for a kids party. Edible markers come in all colors. Make this treat color coordinate and use it as a "Thank You Favor" for kids to take home when they leave the party. Place 3 or 4 marshmallow pops in each package with a thank you note!

Patriotic Hot Dog Station

(Found via

Click here to see how you can create this look too!

My favorite thing about this spread are the details. From the stationery to the flags, the bows and colored plates. This hands-on food station captures your eye and more importantly does not overwhelm you. When doing a buffet presentation such as the one above you want to be sure your details flow together! The details are what elevates an event. Have fun assembling together your masterpiece and get creative, but don't go overboard!

 Enjoy these fun 4th of July recipes. Try these, add your own twist and most importantly..have fun!!

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Talk To Me:
Did you incorporate any fun food items into this 4th of July holiday? What fun family traditions did you share? Any fun recipes that you tried and loved? Will you try any of the ones above?! Leave your comments below in the comment zone!!

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