Monday, April 9, 2012

UrDreamPlanner's Monday Inspiration!

It's Monday! Time for us to get inspired and motivated about our future!! When you envision a plan, whether it be big or small you must do something to make it happen. When one door closes another door or window will open and allow for the continuation of your plan!

Today I want to inspire you to Keep It Going! Don't allow doubt, people, objects, etc. to stop you from completing your goal. I know my followers or those reading this may believe in a different God or no God at all or just may believe in Jesus Christ. None the less, the owner of this blog is a God fearing woman and I thank Jesus Christ for being my inspiration and motivation. Knowing that Jesus is there for me and if I rely on Him, my dreams will work out according to His plan for me! That right there is inspiring enough to keep me going! What about you?

Yesterday, I realized that taking the short cut is no longer going to work. Now I wasn't cutting corners to the point of where I wasn't giving it my all, but at the same time I was taking a lot of short cuts. I know now that if I want this to be successful I am going to have to put in the money and more money (LOL) to make this big dream of mine a reality! I had begun to feel defeated last night after I ran into a road block on a project I am working on but I thank God for bringing people into my life that can make the impossible...possible! Now I have to Keep It Going!!!

Be Inspired! Be Motivated! Keep It Going!

Wishing you all a Happy Monday! :-D

Talk To Me:
What inspires you when you hit a road block and feel like giving up? Who do you call on to uplift you? Do you have supportive ppl in you life that can help keep you on track? Share your challenges and how you overcame/ are overcoming them! Share your success stories! Would love to chat with you so leave a comment below! :-D

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