Monday, June 18, 2012

{On The Blog Today} UrDreamPlanner's Monday Inspiration!

A new week has begun and it's time to be inspired!! When you think about inspiration, what comes to mind? Stop and take a second to think....hmmm....the first thing that usually comes to my mind is color! I talked about the meaning of colors in another UrDreamPlanner Monday Inspiration post which you can "read about here".

Colors is all around us! What's great about color despite what it represents it does not control how we feel and react in life. Seeing a certain color, tends to make you think a certain way which leads to how your day will go. So today and all this week I challenge you to be inspired by color differently.

I will take myself as an example. When I see red or pink, I almost automatically think about love! This week when I see those colors I am going to challenge myself to think differently. What else does that color represent to me and how can I be inspired differently throughout the week? Those will be the questions I ask myself.

: : : THE CHALLENGE : : :

As you go through the week, be inspired differently about the colors you see. Write down what first comes to mind when you are inspired by a color and then write down how you were able to see that same color in a different light! I will be mentioning this challenge all week on Beautiful Beyond Dreams, LLC FB Pg, so feel free to check in there to stay reminded to participate.

I will share with you next Monday why you are doing this challenge! And, I am doing it too!! So together, let's be inspired about how we relate to color!!

Be Inspired!

Talk To Me:
Are you doing the color challenge? What comes to mind when you are inspired?? What does inspiration mean to you? Share your comments below in the comment zone! :-)

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