Friday, June 29, 2012

UrDreamPlanner's Friday Fun: 3 Ways to Have A Fun Wedding Reception Experience!

On UrDreamPlanner's Wednesday Knowledge: {Dear Wedding Guests...}, I wrote a letter to the guests that you as the Bride & Groom have invited to attend your wedding. Today's post is for you, the Bride & Groom! Read these 3 ways to give your guest a fun wedding reception experience! 

 {A wedding Photo Booth is another great way to add fun to the wedding reception!}

3 Ways to Have A Fun Wedding Reception Experience

#1- Do a creative wedding dance!  
Do something unexpected, that will WOW your guests! Taking a dance class, changing your outfit into something fancy, etc.

#2- Create a Kids Station! 
Make this station colorful and have activities that are age appropriate, but that also do not need adult assistance to enjoy. For those parents that are bringing children, include instructions that will inform them that there will be a kids section and what will be in that area.

#3 - A Rocking DJ!!!  
This should really be #1, because the DJ can make or break the wedding reception experience. Hire a pro that knows YOUR music style and interest, so that you will hear songs that will have your guest dancing all night long!!

Bringing fun into your wedding is one way to have your guests talking for years.

Be fun not boring!

Talk To Me:
What fun activities did you have at your wedding reception? What fun activities do you plan on having at your wedding reception? Share a fun wedding you attended and/or share a boring wedding you attended! What makes a fun wedding reception experience to you? Leave a comment in the comment zone.

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