Tuesday, March 29, 2011

::UrDreamPlanner Grant::

 The word "Love", has a strong meaning in my heart. Maybe it's experiencing it first hand what it feels like to be loved and in love or maybe it's the feeling I get when I see other couples having their first dance gazing into each other's eyes with love! I truly believe it is combination of both that makes me love, LOVE!

As the owner of Beautiful Beyond Dreams, LLC I gave myself the mission from the start to create dream weddings for couples who truly cannot afford it. The new pricing of BBD makes it hard for those couples with a smaller budget to want to invest. However, I didn't want to exclude these couples out totally!

The UrDreamPlanner Grant is something that I've just started and right now is on a smaller scale, but the vision for this is HUGE! The UrDreamPlanner Grant is named after my twitter name @UrDreamPlanner. The wish granting will start this year beginning this summer for one in love couple!!

Below is all the information you need to know.

UrDreamPlanner Grant

Beautiful Beyond Dreams, LLC owner is in love with LOVE! We want to serve those true in love couples that dream of a beautiful wedding but cannot not afford it. Knowing that weddings can be expensive we created the: UrDreamPlanner Grant. This allows you to have the wedding of your dreams at a price you can afford!

The Mission:
To provide a deserving in love couple who can't afford to get married with a Beautiful Beyond Dreams once in a lifetime Wedding Planning experience. Beautiful Beyond Dreams, LLC will grant two wishes a year:
1 Spring/Summer Wedding -- 1 Fall/Winter Wedding

The Requirements:
-Located in South Jersey/Philadelphia Area
-Engaged w/ a set Wedding Date
-Intimate Style (50 Guests or less)
-Budget under $5,000
-Willing to be Hands-On
-Wedding date has to be at least 2 months away from submission

How to enter the UrDreamPlanner Grant:
Submit a 1000 word essay of why you two are a deserving couple in love!
(Include pictures or anything that really tells your story.)
-Include your wedding date
-Include your location
-Include your max wedding budget

Make a wedding dream come true for a deserving in love couple by submitting an entry for them for the UrDreamPlanner Grant, couple must meet all the requirements.

*Submissions for the Spring/Summer Wedding Slot are being accepted now! Due to the timing, we will only be doing a summer wedding between the months of {June-August}. Winner will be contacted by April 30th!

*Submissions for the Fall/Winter Wedding Slot are being accepted starting June 1st.  Fall/Winter Weddings are any weddings set to take place between the months of September-Mid-March. Winner will be contacted by July 31st!

The UrDreamPlanner Grant submission must be emailed to:

Be sure to follow all of the guidelines so that you do not get disqualified. If you do not receive an email within 5 business days, please email or call to be sure that we have received your submission. 

Good luck to all who enter!!

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