Saturday, March 26, 2011

::Vintage, Tattoos, Cakes, Colors & Details::

Although the weather may not feel like it, it is Spring and weddings are happening every weekend!! As I notice all the beautiful weddings and read through several wedding groups that I am apart of I noticed a few wedding trends that are quite charming! The following wedding trends have been spotted to be some of the most popular for the Spring and Summer Weddings!!

Vintage Dresses Are In!
Over the past couple of months you have seen Brides showcasing gorgeous lace wedding dresses and birdcage veils! The old Hollywood look has captured the hearts of many couples and have been expressed beautifully through many great photographers. The Red lip also gives off a sultry, sexy look that is worn in quite a few different shades!

Expressing Personality Through Tattoos!
A lot of brides are no longer hiding their tattoos, instead they are happily showing them off! This trend of tattoos may not be approved by all, but it doesn't matter since weddings are fabulous because it is the time to express your personality! Tattoos are worn or covered also depending on the style of the wedding. Tattoos can be covered up with makeup and should be done at least one time before the wedding day to know how long it will take and what make-up will work best with your skin tone.

Mini Cakes are cute and unique!
Cake is a big feature of the wedding that many guests look forward too! Although you still have your beautiful 5 & 6 tier wedding cakes, I am seeing a lot more cute, personalized wedding cakes that may or may not be set-up with cupcakes. You will see 2 to 4 mini cakes depending on the guests and style of the wedding. These cakes come in so many different forms, each one is truly unique!! 

Neutral Tones on the Groom's Side!
Spring is here and aside from the light colors of the season, in weddings neutral colors are seen a lot more during this time of the year. The Groomsmen are being seen in a lot of Khaki, Light Blue, and Grey tuxes and are using accent colors of yellow, green, light purple, peaches, and soft pinks! 

Couples getting married are loving the trend of personalized items. From the aisle runner, to the favors, hangers, chair covers, and even refrigerators (yup!), you can easily tell who's wedding your at. Wedding Pro's are making it affordable for couples to get the look they want and truly make it their own! It's no longer just {Mr. & Mrs. Jones July 3, 2002} you can have your very own logo or tag line created along with pictures and more!!

Whatever trend you may be following or not following, be sure that your wedding expresses who you are as a couple! After all, the key is to only get married once and you want that day to be special and unique!! 

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