Saturday, March 19, 2011

:::Wedding Dress Shopping:::

Shopping for wedding dresses is a fun experience that many brides look forward too!! Here's a few tips to make your shopping experience a little smoother.

Wedding Dress Shopping Tips:

*If you know you want a new dress order it at least 6 months in advance. This allows for it to be made, gives time for any delays, and leaves time for needed alterations.

*When looking for your perfect dress, be sure to tell the consultant your max budget and stick to it as you will still have to pay for alterations & accessories. 

*Clipping a few of your favorite pictures may help your dress shopping experience to go a little smoother. 

*Limit the amount of friends you bring to the fitting as a lot of opinons tends to wear the bride out rather than help her make the best decision!

*Make actual appointments, so you get the quality time you deserve with the consultant and the party you brought along.

*Make a fun day out of it by scheduling 2 or 3 appointments and be sure to due a lunch break in between.

*Wear the appropriate garments: (half bra and full panties), and be sure to lotion up as you will be half naked in the room with another person. ;-)

*The most important tip is to "Have Fun"! Try not to become stressed or overwhelmed, this is an important step in the process and a big purchase; but remember to enjoy it no matter the outcome!!

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