Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Everyone Has A Choice!

 Hello my fellow blogger's! I have pondered heavily about what I am about to post today. I've been in conversation with Wedding Pros and Non-Wedding Pros on this topic that I am about to present to you. I am writing this because it has been on my heart and I felt guilty about doing something that I believed in and I needed to share. I am prepared for some to agree with me and for many to not agree with me at all. But in the end Everyone Has A Choice!

Last month I received an inquiry to plan a same-sex Day of Coordination Wedding. I looked at the email as I knew what my response was going to be without even thinking twice....I Cannot do it. I thought long and hard on the most respectful and professional way to respond so that I do not offend anyone or be caught discriminating another person. 
The whole scenario went something like this:
Good Evening,
           My partner, (.....) and I, are looking to hire a Day-of coordinator for our civil union ceremony scheduled to take place in (...) on (....).


My response went like this:
Hi (...),
I regret to inform you that (...) does not plan civil union ceremonies. I wish you and your significant other much luck finding the right planner.


She kindly replied "Thank you" and we both went on with our lives. I thought over and over, did I reply correctly, was I offensive, should I have lied and just said I wasn't available??? I began to feel bad, but then let it go and thought it is okay. Yesterday however, the subject of not completing a service due to religious belief arose and so I thought about this couple. After being called judgmental and rude and unprofessional I really began to think..Oh No..What have I done? Did I really discriminate against this couple by being honest! Again, my thought on this whole thing is that "Every Has A Choice"!

So after a long day of ongoing conversation with Wedding Pros and Non-Wedding Pros, I felt horrible and just had to email this young lady back and apologize for offending her. Which went like this:
Hi (...),
I just wanted to write to you and say sorry if I offended you and your Fiance (...) in any way. That truly was not my intentions. I was speaking with a group of wedding pros and it made me think of you. So again, I am truly sorry if my response was offensive in any way. I hope your planning process has been fulfilling and stress-free!


She replied back..
Hello (...),
Thank you very much for reaching out, but your comments were not offensive at all...just honest (which we can appreciate).  Planning has been great and we have found a planner that suits our needs.  Thanks again for your concern and sincerity.
  (...) and(...)
After getting her repsonse, I felt absolutely was like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders!!

So I say all this to say that "Everyone Has A Choice" In my opinon. I have to live by what I belive and if the law doesn't agree unfortunately I have to take that chance because the truth is I live for God and God is who I have to answer to at the end of the day. I truly do hope that I never experience a lawsuit or anything similar due to my religious beliefs. 

Everyone has A Choice..You have A choice...your not a bad person for saying no, just make sure you refer that indivudal to someone who can help. That is what I feel was my biggest mistake, not providing a referral. I have definitely learned a lot about myself going through this. I am happy that I can stand firm in my belief and be able to live with the consequences..whatever they may be. 
For I am a child of God and I live by his rules! 

Feel free to post how you feel on this topic. Again, Everyone has A Choice and even more Everyone will not agree with your choice. You have to make the decision to decide if you will follow your belief or follow the law.

This was not written to offend anyone or to put anyone on trial, etc. It was just a personal experience that I felt I should share with others who may have gone through something similar.


  1. Britt i totally i agree with u! If something/anything doesnt feel right to u then u have to may a choice tht sits well with u. i would have made the same choice. money will always come! now if it was a friend that asked for my help..i couldnt say i wouldnt help them but im not supposed to be their judge so i would leave that between God and them. very tuff situation but im proud of u for standing up for what u believe to right! God bless u Britt!! i wish u much success=) luv JR

  2. Sherries PritchardMarch 22, 2011 at 12:11 PM

    I applaud your sharing this very difficult choice to make in the wake of civi unions and same sex marriage acceptance. I've adopted a "to each his own" attitude on the subject and pray that I won't have to make a decision like the one you had to make and let my website speak for itself. But in the end, my choice reflects yours and your test is a testimony for others who may face this choice. It doesn't make you a rude person. In fact it's a breath of fresh air to stand up for God and not the $$ to be made as I've often heard wedding pro's talk about. And everyone gay and straight can appreciate that you're not just about making a profit.

  3. Thank you JR & Sherries for the responses! I appreciate the support. :-)


  4. Hey there! Just wanted to tell you that you are an awesome person for this! Takes a big person to admit they are wrong and then take the extra step to go back and make amends. Great post!!!

    Also, congratulations as well. I just checked out your new logo and site and everything and it's superb!!!! I remember your cute pocket book logo and now what you have evolved into! Excellent! Keep it up!

  5. Thank you Rayna! :-)

    Oh wow!! Yes my pocketbook logo is one for the I love what my company has grown into and I'm so happy that others love the growth as well! Thank you so much!



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