Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Today starts the beginning of the new blog of Beautiful Beyond Dreams, LLC! I will start off by telling you about one of my greatest passions, (as I have several). I get Jet Magazine and one of the March additions of featured the Founder of Carol's Daughters Natural Hair & Skin Products, Lisa Price. She wrote about her passion for her business. 

This struck me because I too am very passionate about Wedding & Event Planning. Towards the end of Lisa's article she gave an inspirational piece of advice that I felt I needed to share with you all!! 

"Let your passion fuel your plans"..."Money will come and go, but if you keep the passion for your work alive within you then that will enhance the likelihood of success."-Lisa Price Founder of Carol's Daughters Natural Hair & Skin Products

So think about your life and what your passionate about and "Let Your Passion Fuel Your Plans!"

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