Monday, February 6, 2012

::Week 1::Love, History & Heart! is Week 1 of Love, History & Heart! Every Monday for the month of February it will be be all about Valentine's Day, Black History Month, & Heart Month!

 ::: LOVE :::
February is all about LOVE, thanks to cupid! Valentine's Day is a day spent with someone you love. This day can be spent with your spouse, significant other, your best friend, etc. It is a day where you get yummy chocolates/cupcakes,etc and beautiful red roses and go out on a romantic date! Valentine's Day should be spent doing something fun and exciting. Whether that is a five course dinner at a fancy spot, a mid-afternoon movie date, or an early breakfast date. Wherever the location, whoever the person, whatever the reason...make sure that you spend time enjoying the moment! Be someone's happy Valentine!!

::: HISTORY :::
February is Black History's the month where African American men & women are highlighted by showing all the great accomplishments made. This month informs the trials & struggles suffered by many men & women so that today we can be able to vote, have interracial relationships, live out our dreams and more. Learn about the history of Black History Month!

::: HEART :::
This month is also about Heart Disease and the importance of why you should know about it and how it may affect you. Heart Disease is the No 1 Killer in Women and it also effects men. During Heart Month you wear red as a symbol that you are aware of this disease. There are others ways you can get involved!! Check out Jump Rope for Heart and see if there is a local event taking place in your area.

I hope you enjoyed today's Love, History & Heart! Join us every Monday for the month of February as we will discuss tips, facts, video and more about these 3 great topics!! Feel free to leave a comment about Love, History & Heart below! :-D

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