Wednesday, February 8, 2012

4 Ways to Keep the LOVE Alive!

Happy #WeddingWednesday to you all!! Today's post is all about keeping the love alive while planning your wedding! Planning a wedding is a tedious process that can take a toll on any engaged couple. As you plan you want to assure that you are not at each others throat about florals, cake, colors, guest list etc. Instead you want to make sure you keep the love alive by spending quality time together outside of wedding planning!

4 Way to Keep the LOVE Alive!
1. Assign 1 day every week to go out..whether you go to breakfast, lunch or dinner...enjoy a meal together! Take an hour or two and discuss life not wedding plans.

2. Dress sexy..ladies keep your hair, nails & toes done..and fellas keep your hair cut and cologne on..Remember that the person you're about to marry is a person that you are also attracted keep the spark alive! 

3. Go on a fun date! Mini Golf, Couple Spa, Weekend getaway to Disney...something that will make you laugh and grow as a couple and take your mind off all the wedding day planning. 

4. Say I LOVE YOU! Often times you get so caught up in life that you're not saying or showing how much you love that person. So leave a little note, send a text, make a quick call, etc. Tell your fiance you love them. I guarantee it will put a smile on their face! :-D

These 4 suggestions are things that are simple, yet make such a bug difference in a relationship. These above 4 tips although simple are things that we forget to do. In a relationship when so much is happening like planning a is the simple and sweet moments that will help to keep the love alive and the planning a lot more easy going and fun!!

Do you have any activities that you do/did to Keep the LOVE alive while planning your wedding?? Please Share in the comments section!!

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