Wednesday, February 1, 2012

3 Tips for a Successful Consultation!

Wedding Planning means attending many consultations so you can find the perfect vendors for your Wedding Day to truly represent who you are as a couple. Consultations can be scary, fun & should always be informative. So to help you along the way here are 3 tips for a successful consultation! 

3 Tips for a Successful Consultation!

  1. Research the company's you are interested in prior to setting up a consultation!
  2. Know the consultation time allotted so you don't go over and get charged or cut off!
  3. Have set questions ready so you don't forget nothing important! (This also allows you to know if the vendor you are interviewing is knowledgeable!)
Remember to be yourself and smile. Don't rush into anything because this is your Wedding Day and should be handled with time & care! 

Happy #WeddingWednesday! :-D

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What has been a successful tip that you use when attending consultations? 
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