Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Intern Aimee Share's: What Do Planner's Do?

"What Do Planners Do" PowerPoint is a presentation that portrays the basic idea behind the responsibilities an event planner takes part in.   

The first slide, above, is a simple look at the goal of a wedding planner.  The goal of a wedding planner always is the same; the planner’s job is to help the client, host or hostess with the planning process.  Even though the goal of a wedding planner is always the same, the planner’s job is ever changing from event to event, wedding to wedding!!  This is what makes planning exciting and rewarding. :-)

The second slide that is shown above gives a sneak peak at a few of the key components to planning.  Budget is the most important component to the planning process.  A sounding board is a close second behind budget!  If the planner is not going to be supportive and listen to the clients wants and needs, than forget it, find another planner!!  Organization is third as one of the most important key components and knowing the trends as a planner is the fourth most important component.  The following slide goes into more detail with each key component that is listed above.  

  • The first and foremost important key component is the budget. Without a budget the client, as well as the planner, will not know which vendors to choose or what options the client will have.  
  • The second most important key component is the sounding board.  The planner needs to listen to the client’s budget, wants, needs, vision and ideas of their special day.  This is such an important component and goes hand in hand with the budget.  Knowing and listening to the budget is the first step to begin planning this special occasion.  

  • The third key component is organization.  Organization goes a long way in the planning industry.  The planner must know and coordinate multiple schedules and appointments with themselves, clients and vendors.  This will assure a smooth process in decision making as well as the day of the event. 

  •  The fourth crucial key components are trends.  Knowing trends within the industry will help the planner and client create a tasteful, up to date, color coordinated event.  It always helps if the planner is up to date with the most current trends in the wedding and event industry.  This can assist the client with a vision and/or ideas!
All four key components are so crucial throughout the entire planning process.  They go hand in hand with one another through each step and help all the ends meet to create a beautiful event and memories!  

Great job Aimee, very well said. Readers what else do Planner's do? Give your input as well!! :-D 



  1. Excellent post... I was just discussing this with a planner friend of mine. Clients don't realize that the vendors that planners work with are dealt with over and over again, leading to potential deals and money-savings for them. When a couple goes out on their own, they are a one shot deal and are not likely to garner any savings at all...


  2. Exactly Christy! That's one of the bonuses for a client when working with a planner, we help save them "money"!! :-)


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