Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Wedding Planner & The On-Site Coordinator--"Two Are Better Than One!"

Often times I read great blog posts, articles, statuses(on FB), tweets & more. Recently within the past week I've seen a surplus of comments related to "not needing a Wedding Planner because you have an On-Site Coordinator". This statement boggles my mind because it is a misleading thought that can ruin a Wedding Day!

This post is not to bash in any way, but to educate and inform! Don't get offended.
Let's begin...

As a Wedding Planner, I find that it is important to have a good relationship with the On-Site Coordinator at any venue. The On-Site Coordinator is great because he or she knows the ins & outs of it's own venue. The On-Site Coordinator has a list of preferred vendors that are associated with it's venue that will provide you with an amazing service to assure your wedding day goes smoothly. The On-Site Coordinator & The Wedding Planner should have a sound relationship because as a Wedding Planner you are stepping into their house. The rule that ALL Wedding Planner's should follow is to ALWAYS RESPECT the On-Site Coordinator's house (meaning the venue)!! The On-Site Coordinator is there to meet the Bride & Grooms needs while at the venue. The On-Site Coordinator tends to not be as involved in the planning process outside of the general wedding planning searching needs.

"I'm not a wedding planner but an onsite coordinator and caterer seems very impersonal..somebody who is providing a service but no feeling behind it...A coordinator really just organize the ppl and order of service but what about floral arrangements, various venue options, etc.. They are only there to advertise their employer not assist in the desires of the couple..#my opinion" -Jugga (Beautiful Beyond Dreams, LLC FB Fan!)

The Wedding Planner is the "Genie" of Wedding Planning! It is thee Wedding Planner that is truly there from beginning to end. Most Wedding Planner's will educate you, laugh with you, disagree to agree with you, cry with you, break-up family arguments with you, guide you, budget you so you have a life after the wedding day, fight for you (being your voice to make it happen) and so so much more! The Wedding Planner brings a personal touch that wakes up and greets you the morning of your wedding and stays with you all day until the car is all packed and everyone has driven off. Then the Wedding Planner will even return rentals for you while you are away on your honeymoon. Once you return the Wedding Planner is still there to assist you with sending out thank you letters, doing the name change process & more!

The Wedding Planner & On-Site Coordinator are both essential and crucially important to a successful Wedding Day. One without the other just doesn't make sense (this is mainly for a full service venue or a venue that does have an On-Site Coordinator...All other venue types without one is not related to this comment).  Together the Wedding Planner & On-Site Coordinator will work together to assure that each guests finds it's correct table, the bridal party are where they need to be when it is time for introductions, your cake topper is packed away safely so you can enjoy it on your 1yr Anniversary & more! The relationship between the two, again; is crucial. None the less...The On-Site Coordinator does NOT replace the Wedding Planner. 

"Why choose a Wedding Planner over a Onsite Coordinator? The answer is so easy…… A Wedding Planner is a mediator, consultant, sounding board, organizer, an artisan and a financial advisor all rolled into one package. When nerves are frazzled, they may even turn out to be a punching bag, “figuratively speaking.” A wedding planner can work with you from your initial engagement to the honeymoon departure. A Wedding Planner is there to guide you through the rough waves of wedding planning." -Justin S. Brown (CEO/President of Creations By Brown)

Many times the Wedding Planner becomes the On-Site Coordinator for the venues that do not have one. Mainly non-traditional locations (parks, community centers, FOP halls, etc). Therefore to replace your Wedding Planner with the On-Site Coordinator again, just doesn't make sense. If you cannot afford a full service Wedding Planner then bring some relaxation to the busy of planning a Wedding & hire a Month Of Coordinator, which most will provide their services 6 to 8 weeks prior to the Wedding Day. This provides you the ease of knowing the day you have been dreaming of for however long will be beautiful! Your Month of Coordinator will be able to bring your On-Site Coordinator up to date on anything that needs to be known. The Wedding Planner is the middle man, the go-to man, THEE MAN or WOMAN that makes your dream wedding a reality and keeps ALL vendors in the loop!

Dear On-Site Coordinators,

         Wedding Planner's do you respect you and understand that you are the head of your house. It is offensive when you inform clients that book your venues that they do not need a Wedding Planner because they have you! You are indeed misinforming them and potentially causing them undesired Pre-Wedding Day, Wedding Day and Post-Wedding Day stress. In the Wedding Industry it has been taught that planning a Wedding involves a team of vendors, one of those being The Wedding Planner. The Wedding Planner is here to help all vendors have a successful Wedding Day by making sure everyone stays on time, hence the very detailed timelines that are often produced and emailed out! The Wedding Planner wants to work with you and work together to assure a happy Bride, Groom, Parents & Guests. Working together is the main goal!

The Wedding Planner


Dear Brides & Grooms,

        Planning a Wedding is fun, exciting, life-changing, time-consuming, at times stressful, emotional and all around magical. The Wedding Planner & On-Site Coordinator wants to both provide you with a memorable Wedding Day. Do remember that the On-Site Coordinator is the coordinator for the venue, he or she will not be able to be by your side during the whole process. The Wedding Planner is there to guide you from beginning to end no matter the location. He or She will be there months before the Wedding and months after the Wedding! Always do your research and remember to hire a Wedding Planner, as he or she will work together with your On-Site Coordinator!

The Wedding Planner

Planning a Wedding is absolutely amazing, but a lot of work! Don't get stuck in the stress of planning because you chose NOT to hire a Wedding Planner. Think about it! 

Do you have any success stories that you would like to share about your On-Site Coordinator & Wedding Planner?? Post your stories below in the comments section!! 

"Sharing is caring and it really is fun!" :-)


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