Friday, October 7, 2011

Intern Kelsi Share's: Pros & Cons of Having A Planner!

Definite Pros

Planning an event can easily become a full-time job when you’re doing it by yourself. It takes someone who is highly organized and has an arsenal full of plans A-Z and 1 through infinity for when things go wrong because any experienced planner knows that anything that can go wrong will. Helping their clients avoid disasters and the stresses of them is an event planner’s specialty.
  • Most planners have great personalities, which is why they are able to connect well with their clients and actualize their clients’ visions. They can become friends and confidants for the duration of the planning process as well as during and after the event.
  • When it comes to budget most planners are very meticulous when it comes to staying within the range of a desired budget.  A planner can also help to save their clients money because often times they know vendors that do great work and are reasonably-priced and they are usually good negotiators and can receive discounts. 
  • Hiring a planner can be more affordable than most people believe that it is. Most planners will even tailor their prices to their clients’ budgets as not to go over their clients’ budget. Without a planner you can drive yourself crazy as an event approaches but planners help alleviate the stress on their clients. The results are: a stress free day, a successful event, and memories that will last a very long time. The benefits of having a planner are well worth the cost of hiring one. 
 Do your research and make sure that the planner you choose is a good fit for you and your event!
Possible Cons

There are a few possible negatives potential clients can run into when dealing with some event planners. 
  •  The most obvious would be working with a planner who is very hard to reach. The success of any event depends highly on how readily available an event organizer can make themselves to: the needs of their clients, conflict resolution, touching base with vendors regularly, and being proactive. Without these things the success of an event can suffer irreparably.
  • Design and style differences can also cause a rift in the client planner relationship. Planning events is already stressful enough but added tension like opposing concepts between the client and the planner can make it worse. Most planners will just go with the age old saying, “The customer is always right.” Making sure client suggestions can be met and will be aesthetically and logistically favorable to the event as a whole. Some headstrong planners may, with or without realizing what they’re doing; ignore a client’s desires completely. Regardless of whether the event turns flawless if a client comes out of it feeling like their expectations for the event were not met, then ultimately the event was not successful.
  • When a planner receives benefits for using specific vendors it is called a kick back or an incentive. Receiving an incentive from a vendor is not a crime but may be a disservice to the planner’s clients. In any situation the planner should choose the vendor that best fits the client’s needs.

Great job Kelsi on sharing the Pros & Cons! Readers, share your experience with a planner! What were the pros & cons of having one? Do Tell!! 



  1. Fabulous post! An additional pro would be having someone to look after the teeny details that most couples never even consider- like how many bathrooms a venue has and whether that's adequate for your guest count, and coordinating the flow of the event from grand entrance to final exit. Good work ladies! :)

  2. Great addition to the "Pro's of having a planner"! Thanks for the comment. :-)


  3. Ok, I want to use that chalkboard graphic, adorable! :0)

    Yes, I agree, there are almost too many intangibles to name if you are naming pros!!!



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