Wednesday, July 6, 2011

{Wednesday's Inspiration}::Wedding Etiquette Tip #2- Listen, We Care!

{Wednesday's Inspiration}::Wedding Etiquette Tip #2- Listen, We Care!

A wedding planner is hired by the couple to assure their day goes smoothly. We are there to be the eyes and ears for the Bride & Groom, but also for the bridal party and family members. Today's etiquette tip is for the bridal party. Although we are hired by the couple, we are also are here for you! 

Wedding Planners carry an emergency kit filled with items that are ready for any and every situation. If we suggest or give advice, "Listen because we care about your well being". I understand not taking the spotlight off of the couple, however we are only advising to make sure the unforeseen accidents don't occur. 

Wedding Etiquette Tip To Go:
(((Take advice given, as it is given to assure your well-being and we want to take care of you too.)))

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