Tuesday, July 5, 2011

{Tuesday's Insight}::Wedding Etiquette Tip #1-Make No Assumptions!

{Tuesday's Insight}::Wedding Etiquette Tip #1-Make No Assumptions!

For the past three years I have worked and lead many weddings under Beautiful Beyond Dreams, LLC as well as for other local wedding planners in South Jersey and Pennsylvania. I have been hired and have hired others. Over these past couple of years I have truly learned the importance of not calling out when scheduled to work a wedding. It wasn't until I was my own boss and someone called out on me that I felt the real effect of looking for someone trained to cover a wedding. Not only does having adequate staff make great coverage, which is crucial; but your couple is also expecting a certain amount of staff to be present.

As an assistant consultant, intern, etc if you are scheduled to work a wedding don't assume nothing. Ask what time you need to be at the specific location for wedding day, attend the rehearsal so you can be introduced to the couple and the bridal party, and most importantly Do Not Call Out unless it is an Emergency! The lead planner will provide all the important information needed for you, however it is important to be in tune to the wedding at least a week prior.

Wedding Etiquette Tip To Go:
(((Do Not Assume Anything; Ask Questions!)))

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