Thursday, July 7, 2011

{Thursday's Food Tidbit}::Wedding Etiquette Tip #3-Eat, You Should Enjoy It Too!

{Thursday's Food Tidbit}::Wedding Etiquette Tip #3-Eat, You Should Enjoy It Too!

Today's wedding etiquette tip is dedicated to the Bride & Groom! Wedding day is your day and all about you! You've spent months or years planning a beautiful wedding; picking a beautiful location, selecting the best dj, entertainment & caterer, etc. The food portion of the wedding is always a memorable part for the guests and should be memorable for you too!

At every wedding I've found that the Bride & Groom don't really get to enjoy the food that they carefully picked out for their guests to enjoy. I know you want to enjoy the day, dance all night, mingle with your guests, etc; but eating is also important!

Wedding Etiquette Tip To Go:
(( Dear couple, enjoy your dinner! After all you picked these items because they were something that you wanted to have on your special day, so why not take some time to enjoy. I promise your guests won't mind if you take time to enjoy dinner also. :-D ))

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